From FiiO to Ibasso and Shanling, Many Choices When Shopping for a Digital Audio Player

The launch of the iPod in 2005, the first digital audio player signaled the beginning of a new era that forever changed the way people listen to music. Apple sold around 360 million units of iPod, and soon other manufacturers of audio players followed suit to adopt the new technology. They launched their versions of digital audio players, which became so popular that they removed Apple from the leadership position in the category. Now, you can look beyond Apple to pick the best digital audio player, which can be of much better quality than the famous iPod.

You can pick your choicest audio player from the following options in a class of its own.

FiiO M11 Plus -The Smoothest Digital Audio Player

The FiiO M11 Plus comes with an ESS Sabre chip. It utilizes two digital to analog converters (DACs), ensuring better audio performance over its earlier AKM chipset models, which are now discontinued due to chip scarcity. Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, the Android ten device with 8 Kyro cores and a speed of 2.2 GHz can handle multiple tasks and applications like smartphones with silk-like smoothness. The design and aesthetics of the device are highly appealing due to the bezel-less 5.5-inch screen placed on a black satin chassis that is highly pleasing to the eyes. Powered by a 6000mAh Li-Polymer battery that runs for 14 hours on a single charge and provides 40% more playback time. Besides the 2.5mm, 3.5 mm, and 4.4 mm balanced connections, users can use the SPDIF cable supplied with the device for connecting to other music sources.

Ibasso DX240

The elegant design of the DX240 audio player has a 5-inch screen with smooth corners and almost a borderless aesthetic. The design will remind you of the DX160, a favorite among users but much larger. The device’s compactness, which measures 124×71.5×19.4 mm, makes it easy for single-handed operation. The screen configuration is Sharp OnCell FHD 1080p, with a pixel density of 448ppi. The lightweight device weighs 205 grams and snugly fits into the palm due to the slightly curved design of the frosted glass back. The 3.8V, 4400 mAh Li-polymer battery is similar to the battery used in the DX200 series of devices.

Shanling m3x

The cute and powerful audio player will win your heart with the impressive life of the 3200mAh battery, which runs the device for 23 hours on a single charge. The touch response display is good, too, and the screen is bright and backed by a sharp resolution of 1280×768 and 356 PPI. The digital audio player has a lovely rich bass that enhances the device’s warmth and charm, which has a screen protector. The player runs on Android OS and uses a dual ESS Sabre ES9219C with MQA decoding capability. The player has a 4.2-inch capacitive display of HD quality that is legible under sunlight.

In single DAC mode and 3.5 mm, its output is 80 MW, and in dual DAC mode, it goes up to 101 MW.

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