Joby Wavo Air Review: What You Need to Know

The Joby Wavo is the most comprehensive and adaptable wireless mic kit. It has a unique, flexible mounting method that adapts to your imagination and delivers superior, secure 2.4GHz wireless audio transmission. The system has a 6-hour battery life and a quick and painless pairing process. The joby microphone setup is ready to use with just about any smartphone or camera right out of the box. The microphones are comprised of polycarbonate PC & ABS plastic.


  • Weight: 0.033 kg
  • Frequency response: 50Hz — 18Khz
  • Maximum SPL: Built-in mic: 120dB, Included lavalier: 110dB
  • Power source: Lithium batteries
  • Sensitivity: Built-in microphone: -42dB, Lavalier microphone: -30dB
  • Signal to noise ratio: > 78dB
  • Indicators: power, pairing, and gain LED


The transmitters may record from a distance of up to 50 meters as long as there are no impediments in the way and a clear line of sight. In testing, the wireless mic recording provided clear audio, but if users walk out of the line of sight, the audio quality will suffer, and it will most likely cut out, although only for a few seconds. If one needs to capture individuals going away from the camera, users will get a decent sound quality of up to around 25 meters, which is less than what Joby Wavo said.

Having two transmitters is that one may link both the interviewer and interviewee simultaneously during an interview. Users won’t be able to get the audio on different channels, and it should not be an issue if users set their levels before recording. The Joby Wavo Air has a 6-hour battery life.

Last but not least, latency can occur with Bluetooth recordings, causing the sound to be slightly out of sync well with primary footage. When using the Joby Wavo Air, three frames were out of sync, which could be fixed by simply aligning up the frames in software like Premiere Pro. The audio & video match so that consumers obtain high-quality video with matching audio.


  • Long-distance recording with a 50m range.
  • With 6-hour battery life, users won’t have to recharge as often.
  • Both the transmitter and the Joby microphone have excellent sound quality.
  • Several high-quality and helpful mounting attachments are included.
  • Two receivers are included in the kit for recording dual topics.


  • In crowded situations such as expos and conferences, the transmission may be disrupted.
  • The style is a tad bright, so it’s not ideal for interview settings.
  • When two microphones are used, audio is recorded on both tracks, rather than separate recordings for each individual.
  • There is no travel case supplied, which might lead to the loss of the minor accessories.

Hence, it can be said that it will really be useful and beneficial for you to get this microphone as per your preference and need in the best way possible.

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