Comparison between HyperX Cloud II Wireless and HyperX Cloud Flight S Gaming Headsets

HyperX has been producing some of the greatest gaming headphones. The Cloud Flight s vs Cloud 2 wireless is incredibly similar, with excellent sound and battery life and ergonomic designs. The comparison of HyperX Cloud Flight vs Cloud 2 is given below.

Cloud Flight S vs Cloud 2 Wireless

Design and Build

Both the gaming headphones are well-made. An aluminum frame, hard plastic ear cups, and thick memory foam cushions coated in leatherette give the HyperX Cloud II wireless a traditional HyperX design. It has a stylish appearance and is both strong and comfortable.

The HyperX Cloud Flight S is a comfy gaming headset. Still, it’s not the same as the Cloud Flight S. This headset is made entirely of plastic, with headphones that pivot to lie flat and leatherette-covered memory foam cushions that aren’t nearly as thick as the Cloud II. Though not as solid as the all-metal Cloud II Wireless, it feels solid, and there’s a little creakiness that comes with all-plastic frames.


With a mute mic button, a volume slider, and a power button, the HyperX Cloud II Wireless keeps things simple. Access to the HyperX NGenuity app is required for more precise changes.

The HyperX Cloud Flight s has several new hardware controls. The headset has comparable controls to the Cloud II Wireless along the bottom edges, such as a power button and volume dial, and a button to toggle the built-in 7.1 virtual surround sound. The headset has four buttons on the left side, including mic muting, sidetone/mic monitoring, and game/chat balancing changes. This style avoids feeling cluttered and gives you many options while playing.

Sound Quality

The HyperX Cloud Flight S boasts a lot of bass boost and not much mid-range emphasis. This implies that low-frequency sounds in certain types of music will have a lot more punch, yet loud noises may make softer sounds challenging to perceive.

The HyperX Cloud II wireless, on the other hand, produces highly realistic audio for a gaming headset, with a balanced frequency response across the bass and mid-range. While the bass won’t be as loud as on the Cloud Flight S, it will be as loud as music producers and game developers planned.


The option to reconfigure the buttons on the side of the HyperX Cloud Flight s makes it a somewhat better match for people who want to tinker with their gadget settings and get everything just right. The HyperX Cloud II wireless review suggests that it is also the best option for those searching for the most realistic-sounding audio, as it does not increase bass as the Cloud Flight S does.

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