Miofive 4k Dash Cam Review: A High Spec Car Camera with Plenty of Features

The Miofive 4K dash cam comes with a host of premium features: a Sony sensor, 5Ghz Wi-Fi for fast transfer to phones, and 64 GB of internal storage. It also has a rear-facing screen and sleek design.

Dash Cam Review – Design

The 4K dash cam design is built to deliver precise and crisp videos from a vantage point close to the rear-view mirror. The camera’s rectangular body looks more comprehensive than many other compact dash cam models. More width is packed in the lens construction, a small preview screen at the back of the device, and more technology to ensure space is not wasted. The screen assembly and camera are attached to a 3M stick pad power modules.


A logging cable and connectable USB socket go into a cigarette lighter socket, and the two are attached via the USB plug. The user manual is concise and easy, and the QR code in the manual enables users to access the supplementary app from the Apple Store or Google Play. The registration and configuration are straightforward.

The Mio five 4K dash has a side power button and a LED indico it. The device has a microphone, speaker, and a cooling vent. Other controls can be accessed at the back of the screen, including the back/album button, Next/ setting button, and an emergency video button. Like all other dash cams, calibration tools allow one to fiddle around to have a good and reliable view of the road from the lens.

The connection to the app is confirmed in the indicator status with a slow green blink. The mobile phone and the car dashcam need to be close by -ideally under two meters. One needs to stop simply launching the Wi-Fi and connect the app.

To access additional features, one must create an account, use a default password, connect to Wi-Fi and complete the connection.

The 4k Car Camera Recording

The recording comes out in good quality in 4K/30p footage. It shows time, date, and speed information, and there is also a parking mode. The camera has a powerful G-sensor that records any bump in 16second and 60-second video.

There is also a ’time Lapse’ feature that allows one to go back 24 hours of content after the car ignition is switched off. The app can also trim down longer video clips into smaller ones.

There are also verbal warnings if the 4k dash cam feels that one is turning the corner too sharply though it can also be annoying.


The 4k dash cam is a complete package with features tweaked inside the app, such as the footage logs and exhaustive information about the speed and journey route. It deserves its place among the best buy dash cam that one can recommend.

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