With Oculus Games, Mark Zuckerberg Hopes to Entice You into the Metaverse

According to the company’s announcement at an event, the few people looking forward to Meta’s vast Metaverse concept may have to wait a decade longer. Meanwhile, Meta is betting that a new library of better Oculus games will act as a gateway drug, allowing consumers to become acclimated to spending their days plugged into a VR headset.

Ruth Bram, the executive producer of Meta AR/VR, said during the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase that the Metaverse’s hardware and software both require improvement. According to Bram, the Metaverse goal that CEO Mark Zuckerberg and others awkwardly described last year may take another five to ten years to ultimately achieve.

Oculus Games Showcased at the Event

Here are the details of the five popular Oculus quest games that were showcased at the event:

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners—Chapter 2: Retribution

They revealed some brutal footage from The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners—Chapter 2, a follow-up to the franchise’s first VR adaptation, which came out in 2020. Following a brief cinematic introduction, the teaser showed a figure blasting its way through zombie-infested chambers, slashing away with a machete, and whipping out a chainsaw. Though the 2020 game was available on various platforms, including PlayStation VR, how many platforms will be supported for its sequel is unknown.

Resident Evil 4—The Mercenaries

Resident Evil 4 VR, developed by Armature and launched in 2021, was Quest’s fastest-selling title. The Mercenaries expansion expands on this, offering additional material based on a game initially released on traditional video game consoles. Unlike the other Oculus games on this list, Mercenaries is a free upgrade for Resident Evil 4 VR owners.


The NFL PRO ERA, developed by StatusPRO, aims to provide a solution for football lovers who wish to enjoy the physical sensation of tossing pigskin without causing brain damage or exposing themselves to the sun. Players may pretend to toss balls and get body-slammed by a few of their favorite real-life heroes in the first officially licensed NFL VR game. This fall, the game will be released on the Quest and PlayStation.

Among Us VR

This year, the pandemic-era phenomena will be brought to VR. The video shows users managing the colorful crewmates in first-person, moving through a building, and even coming upon the severed remains of another character. According to publisher Inner Sloth’s website, VR will be available on the Meta Quest shop and Steam VR in the United States.

Ghostbusters VR

One of Zuckerberg’s favorite submissions displayed during the event was the Ghostbusters VR game. Meta kept its Ghostbusters VR adaption a secret until the end of the presentation. It is the first attempt to transfer the Ghostbusters franchise to virtual reality. The teaser depicts first-person characters in San Francisco tracking and smashing ghosts.


Over a dozen of these Oculus games were on show during the exhibition, ranging from traditional shooters to narrative-driven action adventures and even world-building architectural simulators. All VR games featured during the event are set to be released in the coming year.

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