Nothing Ear 1 Review – The New and Genuinely Improved Wireless Earbud

The Nothing ear 1 makes a strong comeback from last year’s release. The new version has better sound and noise cancellation features. They are more comfortable, look better and also a value for money with the offer price. There is still scope for improvement. For example, the charging case looks bulky, and the App is a bit limited though it is easy to use.

Nothing Ear 1 Review

The Nothing earbud active noise cancellation is better than the earlier models, but the transparency mode needs improvement. The earbuds are not yet perfect. The unique design is transparent and suits the black casing better than the earlier version of white color.

Thanks to a software update, the Nothing ear 1 earbuds now have voice assistant support. It coordinates with the responsive touch controls and makes it useful during workouts and walks. After Nothing collaborated with Teenage Engineering, a Swedish audio company, the audio performance has improved.

The battery life has about four hours on one charge after using the ANC and sound volume at mid-level. When it is switched off and kept in a wireless charging case, the charge stays up to 34 hours. The connectivity has improved in nothing ear one with Bluetooth 5.2.

Nothing Ear 1 Price and Availability

The Nothing ear 1 earbuds are a value for money at $100. The new model is a step forward where one can finally get decent audio, good noise cancellation, and a reliable connection. Earlier, the earbuds were available only on the Nothing website, but now they can be bought from third-party retailers like Amazon. Both colors – white and black varieties are available.

Nothing Ear 1 Review – Design

The Nothing Ear 1 earbuds are pretty comfy and come in a choice of three silicone tips. The touch-sensitive earbud stem has controls for adjustments. They can also be adjusted via the Nothing Ear 1 app. The voice assistant support can also be set up from here. The charging case is less stylish and larger than competitors and does not fit easily in the pocket.

Nothing Ear 1 Review – Audio Performance

The Nothing ear 1 comes with 11.6 mm drivers, a strong noise cancellation, and a wide soundstage. Though the bass could have been stronger and richer, the mids are smooth and clear. The transparency mode is weak, but a superior ANC compensates for them.

Nothing Ear 1 Review – Battery and Connectivity Performance 

The Nothing ear 1 gives about 4 hours of listening with ANC on. If combined with the cases, it can go up 24 hours and increase to 34 when the ANC is switched off. Bluetooth 5.2 enhances the connectivity. The charging can be done via its USB port or wireless charging case.


The Nothing 1 earbud has come up with a superior sound and better ANC this time compared to the last release. They are distinctive and comfortable to wear. The Nothing ear 1 review will allow one to make up their mind on buying this product if they are on a budget.

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