How Hex Home Security Uses Wi-Fi to Detect Motion Anywhere in the Home

Everyone loves a security camera that gives importance to home privacy, especially those automatic camera shutters that covers the lens whether one is there or not. Despite the current sophisticated security cameras, many people still do not trust them.

This is why a hex home security should be on one’s radar. The new home security solution with its Wi-Fi sensors that monitors movement has caught the attention of homeowners.

The hex home security system is an upgraded version of a conventional motion sensor where instead of detecting movement only in isolated areas, it covers the entire home and, at the same time, respects one’s privacy.

Benefits of Hex Home Security Systems

A conventional security camera’s vision is limited to its field of view, and it does not detect any movement outside that range. Hex Home can detect motion anywhere, and it does so discreetly that one does not get the feeling of someone watching over you.

Visitors to the home can get intimidated if they see a security camera. The hex home is discreet, and the visitors do not know about it and feel at ease when they find no invasive camera watching their movements.

The hex security system also has another advantage. It removes the possibility of hackers obtaining footage inside the home or taking a peek secretly without the homeowner knowing. This system has nothing for the hacker to hack and use for blackmailing people for ransom.

The New Concept of Motion Detection through Wi-Fi Harness

This new concept is gaining steam, and one can experience it with Hex home. The system uses AI to detect variances in the Wi-Fi waves bouncing in the house, and the waves will measure the disruptions and notify users through the hex home security app. The waves are visualized in exciting patterns of peaks and valleys in a bar graph.

There’s little movement in the graph, but even walking at an average pace will show a peak. If the system is armed, the siren embedded in the Hex Home device will get activated, and a notification in the app will be sent to the homeowner. One can adjust the sensitivity of the hex home security system for homes with pets and filter out movements from smaller objects like moving fans, robot vacuums, and smaller pets.

The Whole Home Advantages

Many homeowners would not discard the security camera, including the Hex home has privacy advantages, covering areas like the bedroom and washroom without the nuisance of a camera. Under normal circumstances, these areas are out of bounds. One can find the hex Home helpful if an intruder uses the windows from these areas to enter the house.


The hex home security has specific challenges like it becomes inoperable in a power outage. A security camera can be used using a battery or cellular backup, but this is not possible in the Hex Home device.

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