Vikings Series Review: Is it Worth a Watch?

Vikings is a History Channel historical fiction television series conceived & written by English writer Michael Hirst. The Vikings series, which was shot in Ireland, is based on Scandinavian & European legends and chronicles of the life of famous Vikings chief Ragnar Lothbrok, his progeny, and the rulers and civilizations that the Vikings affected in the 8th and 9th century CE.

About Vikings Series        

Except for the second quarter of a sixth season, which aired on Amazon Prime Video in select regions before the History airings, the Vikings television show was developed and written by Michael Hirst and circulated by the Canadian television channel History. According to early reports, Vikings was initially intended to be a miniseries, and it was revived for a season 2 after receiving critical and public acclaim. If I Had a Heart by Fever Ray is the title theme.

The Plot

The series introduced everyone to Ragnar Lothbrok, a Vikings warrior turned farmer who longs to explore—and raid—the vast reaches of the seas. His desire pits him against regional chief Earl Haraldson, who prefers to send his raids to the poor east instead of the unknown west. The time has arrived for battle as Ragnar hooks up alongside his boat-building pal Floki to create the next generation of brave ships worthy of battling the harsh northern waters.

Despite the fighting and death, Vikings is also a narrative about family and brotherhood, depicting Ragnar’s love and admiration for Lagertha, a famous warrior in her own right. It is the story of Ragnar’s brother Rollo, a powerful fighter driven by jealousy; Earl Haraldson’s wife Siggy, a devoted beauty who may have been less than faithful and the monk Athelstan whose Christian principles conflict with the pagan culture of Vikings. These people would be sorely tested as ambition and invention shake a society, and their culture would never be the same.

Vikings Cast

It can be said that this series is worth a watch at least. You will surely like the setting and plot of this historical series.

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