Watership Down by Richard Adams: a Good Read for Both Children And Adults

Richard Adams is an English author of books for both children and adults. He is best known for his novel Watership Down, a story about a group of rabbits making their way to find a new home. In the novel, Adams tells the story of a group of rabbits who leave their warren because humans have destroyed it, and they journey to find another place where they can live in peace and freedom. They have to face many challenges and dangers along the way, but with courage and determination, they eventually reach Watership Down – their new home – in one piece. This book was adapted into an animated film in 1978, and again it was adapted into a series twice in 1999 [CITV (United Kingdom), YTV (Canada)] and 2018 [Netflix; Biscuit Filmworks; BBC; and 42].

Watership Down Characters

The characters in the book are exciting and complex. They are driven by an altruistic motivation to find a new home and create a world of peace and freedom. They all have different personalities. This is a great lesson for kids and adults alike. Here is the list of Watership Down characters.

  • Hazel – Elder brother
  • Fiver – Younger brother
  • Bigwig – Ex-Owsla officer
  • Blackberry – Clever buck rabbit
  • Dandelion – A “gallant” and “dashing” buck rabbit
  • Holly – Sandleford Warren Owsla’s former captain
  • Bluebell – Another buck rabbit
  • Pimpernel – Sandleford rabbit
  • Cowslip – Warren rabbit
  • Strawberry – A sleek and A large buck rabbit
  • Haystack – A hutch

Other Watership Down character’s names are Clover, Boxwood, Buckthorn, Hawkbit, Speedwell and Acorn, Silver, Pipkin, Hyzenthlay, Thethuthinnang, Vilthuril, Blackavar, Kehar, The Mouse, General Woundwort, Captain Campion, Vervain, Groundsel, Threarah, Frith, El-ahrairah, Prince Rainbow, Rabscuttle and Black Rabbit of Inlé. All these characters are fascinating, and each provides excellent examples of human characteristics.

Watership Down movie

Watership Down movie is a 1978 animated film adaption of the novel by Richard Adams. The plot is the same. Rabbits leave their warren after being destroyed by humans and travel to a new location where they can dwell in peace and freedom. They experience numerous challenges and dangers, but they eventually arrive at Watership Down, their new home. Here is the movie cast.

Watership Down Netflix Series

The Netflix series is about a group of rabbits who are forced out of their warren and have to find a new home. The Watership Down Netflix series was released on January 29th, 2018. It is not the first series made based on Watership Down. In 1999, another series was released based on the story of the rabbits, which was animated and was specifically for the children. But the new version of the series, Watership Down, Netflix is also in the form of animation but more of adult animation. It is a story that both children and adults can enjoy as it provides suitable life lessons. The cast of the Watership Down Netflix series is,

  • James McAvoy [Hazel]
  • Nicolas Hoult [Fiver]
  • John Boyega [Bigwig]
  • Olivia Colman [Strawberry]
  • Peter Capaldi [Kehaar]
  • Daniel Rigby [Dandelion]
  • Gemma Chan [Dewdrop]
  • Rosamund Pike [Black Rabbit of Inlé]
  • Gemma Arterton [Clover]
  • Daniel Kaluuya [Bluebell]

This novel is amazing for both children and adults alike. Once you read it, then you will get valuable life lessons to say the least.

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