The Best Turntable for Your Precious Vinyl Collections – Top Buys for 2022

If you are looking for a high-quality turntable to play your retro-era collections of classic vinyl records, some excellent record players just start above $100.

The Best Turntables to Consider

  • Fluance RT82 – Value for Money

The Fuence turntable offers everything that one can want. If one has an amplifier or receiver with a phono input, then the Fluance RT82 is the model. The many inclusions in this model are well thought out, such as the on/off auto start, adjustable feet, and the bubble level designed to keep the user in mind.

The analog performance transports the listener to warm and natural music. There is reduced distortion and high musical accuracy with the Ortofon OM 10 elliptical cartridge. The motor that plays the turntable is isolated and thus prevents any unwanted vibrations and noise, while the mechanism that controls speed ensures a consistent platter velocity.

The Fluance turntable comes with a solid wood cabinet and a precise metal tray that prevents unwanted micro-vibrations. The s-shaped tonearm ensures accurate tracking of the record groove with no presence of any electronics, thus giving a detailed sound.

The Fluance RT82 is one of the most high-quality turntables with an entertaining sound with healthy bass and is available on Amazon with a price tag of $350.

  • Pro-Ject T1

The Project turntable may be on the higher side of the price band at over $400, but there are several benefits one can get if one spends more. The Pro-Ject T1 can bring some excellent sound quality to the best of your record collection. This turntable offers sound ranges from treble, expansive, mid-range, and supple bass.

The glass platter gives a lovely look to the turntable. It is similar to the Audio-Technica but sounds better. The Pro-Ject T1 only drawback is that it is a bit awkward. The switch is deep on the left-hand side, and it could have been better placed in front. One must apply an upward force to remove the tonearm from the resting posting.

  • Crosley C10A

The Crosley turntable is engineered with the assistance of Pro-Ject, but it gives more sound refinement. The Crosley C10A record player looks great and sounds good. Though it costs above $400, it will be a bargain deal if one can get around $ 300. The main expectation from a turntable is excellent sound quality, and one can easily upgrade from a cheaper one. With no integrated speakers in such turntables, the focus is on upgraded tonearms and better motors. When these aspects of a turntable are taken care of, it becomes easier to pair and make them stand beside stereo systems.


The best turntable, often coming over the $300 range, has a belt drive that isolates the motor rumblings. The replaceable cartridge or the removable headshell allows one to experiment with a cartridge of higher quality. Some of them offer an option to upgrade, such as getting an acrylic plinth that looks smarter and improves the sound quality.

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