When Can We Expect to See All of the Upcoming and Returning Star Trek Series?

Trying to keep up with what Star Trek is up to is confusing and complex. Before any latest series are revealed, here’s a timeline for all of the new Star Trek shows and the return of old favorites, and what more is in the pipeline.

Current Star Trek Series

Star Trek: Picard Season 2

Piard’s second season ended on May 5 on Paramount+, with the titular Star Trek, the next generation hero, and his crew traveling back in time to escape a terrible future brought into being by a heady mix of the Borg Queen and a Reborn Q.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 1

Strange New Worlds explores the crew of the legendary USS Enterprise as they set out to discover all of the strange new worlds. On April 29, Paramount Pictures launched the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds opening title sequence. Star Trek – season one: Strange New Worlds premiered on Paramount+ on May 5 and consisted of ten episodes.

Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 3

The third season of the charming animated comedy about the oddball crew of the USS Cerritos has yet to be announced, and it’s slated to premiere around the same time as Strange New Worlds wraps up in July. In season three, the brave ensigns, and the surviving bridge officers onboard the Cerritos join to release Captain Freeman from Starfleet Security after she was wrongfully convicted of destroying the Pakled homeworld in season two’s climax.

Upcoming Star Trek Series and Shows in Development

Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1, Part 2

The first part of the first season of the anime series Prodigy concerns a group of alien teenagers who find the USS Protostar, an experimental Starfleet starship with an improved warp drive, and use it to avoid a miserable existence in a mining encampment in the Delta Quadrant. It ended early this year on Paramount+ but is anticipated to return later in 2022 for the second half of the season.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5

Discovery’s fifth season, set to premiere in 2023, will consist of 10 episodes, down from 13 in previous seasons. Following Season 4, it’s unclear what awaits Burnham and the Discovery’s crew, but given this show, it’ll be dramatic.

Star Trek: Picard Season 3

Star Trek: Picard’s third, and now definitely last, the season is set to premiere on Paramount+ in 2023. However, given that it was shot concurrently with season two, don’t be shocked if it premieres earlier this year. There is certainly more to look forward to in the new show, with Sir Patrick Stewart rejoining The Next Generation’s command staff.

Section 31

Although it was formally announced in 2019, it is still unknown when this spinoff will air. It is modeled on Starfleet’s darkest side: Section 31, a mysterious intelligence agency first featured in Deep Space Nine.

Starfleet Academy

Little is known about the series. It will ostensibly follow Starfleet cadets and is being developed by Gaia Violo.

That concludes the latest Star Trek news. Although certain older Star Trek shows are still accessible on other streaming platforms, the great bulk of them is solely available on Paramount+, including the iconic Star Trek: the original series.

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