The No-Frills ma1 Motorola Wireless Android Auto – A Review

The Motorola MA1 Dongle is an intermediary between a car infotainment system and an Android phone. This way, one can use the Android Auto without having to plug in the phone every time one leaves the house, as it is wireless.

As one can see from this Motorola ma1 review, the device pulls off the task pretty well. While the device’s price may appear steep for some, its performance is hardly distinguishable from a wired connection.


  • Small, discreet built
  • Easy and quickly sets up
  • Automatically activates on engine switch-on


  • Steep Price tag
  • Poor Adhesive tag
  • Wireless connection unable to charge the phone

Design and Features

The Motorola MA 1 looks similar to the Google Chromecast with its small puck in the shape of a round square, complete with a USB-A plug and a 3-inch cable. It comes with a foam sticker that allows one to stick it to a surface in the car. A single side bottom will enable one to toggle Bluetooth pairing mode or reset the android auto adapter to factory settings.

One can pair the wireless android auto adapter with only one phone at a time. The MA1 uses a combination of 5 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth the connect to a phone, similar to how a phone registers a compatible device.

Set Up 

It is easy to set up a Motorola MA1. The first step is to ensure the android auto is plugged into the Car USB port and set up the phone. Once the Android Auto is running, you can unplug and swap the USB cable with Motorola MA1. It is a case of pairing the phone with the adaptor like any other Bluetooth device and waiting to initialize the wireless connection.

The Motorola MA1 android auto dongle is available for $89.95 from   Amazon and   Motorola itself.


When compared to a wired connection, one can hardly notice any difference. The Motorola MA1 delivers what it promises, letting the drivers retain essential features of Android Auto without the need to plug in. One does not have to pull out the phone from the bag or pocket. One has to switch the engine, and the adaptor automatically does the rest.

The only concern is that the Motorola MA1 battery has a reputation for draining out fast. However, it is not a problem but can have a bearing on long trips, especially when the device does not offer a wireless connection recharge facility.


For those that do not have the capability, the ma1 Motorola wireless offer wireless Android Auto support. The dongle design is flexible where one sticks the adaptor in the car without diminishing its performance. The sticky pad does not have excellent adhesion. The Motorola MA 1 could have been cheaper.

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