Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset with Its Two Processors May Ensure It Is a Standalone Device

The much-anticipated Apple headset is set to be powered by two processors, according to the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The reality headset will have a central processor with the same computing power as the M1 chip used in Macro Book and a secondary processor to handle sensory movements.

With both its two processors in one place, the mixed reality headset will not be tied to an iPhone or a Mac and will be a standalone device.

The Apple headset will provide both augmented and virtual reality experiences, thanks to the 4K Micro OLED Sony display. This is possible as the separate processor for the sensor offers a higher computing power than iPhone.

Price and Release Date

There have been speculations in numerous reports about the probable date of release. Though no definite time frame is given, there is a consensus that it will be released in 2022.

According to reports, the headset will be aimed at creators and developers and cost around $3000. This will put the Apple headset in the company of the $3500 priced Microsoft HoloLens 2.

Design and Camera

What can one expect from an Apple mixed reality headset to have a design like this? Since it combines AR and VR, the headset may wrap around fully to keep the user fully immersed when using its virtual reality features. The completely wireless features will ensure the freedom to move around.

The augmented reality side of the headset means that there will be cameras to capture the external world and feed it back to the user. It is expected that there will be lidar sensors and dozen cameras mounted on the Apple device.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, there will be 15 cameras – eight for augmented reality, six for innovative biometrics, and one for environmental detection.

Other Features

The actual body of the Apple headset will be attractive as it can differentiate with an advantage. The headset could weigh only 0.33 pounds or 150 grams per Kuo, which is about half the weight of competitors’ devices. The use of lightweight fabric instead of heavy plastic in the device frame would aid in the lower weight.

The headset’s exterior is not the only feature that looks promising, and the interiors are expected to have features that can be eye-opening in the literal sense. The display resolution of a whopping 8K per eye can provide details of an unprecedented level. To get an idea of how incredible the visual experience will be, it can be compared with the HTC Vivi Cosmos Elite headset with a 1440×1770 resolution for each eye.

Powering this device with all the technology will be the Apple silicon custom-designed chip that can surpass the M1 chip used by MacBook Pro. The only unclear thing is the headset display’s field of view and refresh rate. While rivals typically aim for 90Hz, one must wait and see what Apple virtual reality headset offers.


The Apple mixed reality headset is one of a few devices with profound technologies. While it has many exceptional features not seen in rival devices, one thing that is still not clear is its battery life.

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