The Wordle Game on Nintendo Game Boy Might Be the Coolest Way to Play It

Wordle game, the famous word guessing game, is now available on the Game Boy, Nintendo’s legendary handheld. Josh Wardle’s web-based game swept the internet by storm when it was released. Since then, the game has grown to about 2 million players worldwide, with nearly 300,000 daily active players before being bought by The New York Times.

It’s easy to understand why Wordle, the popular word game for boys, has gone viral. Every day, players are given a five-letter word to solve, with six chances to find out what it is by using the remaining letters and words. Players will be unable to play again until the next day if they solve or fail a task. Wordle has flourished because of its basic yet entertaining premise, which has seen it become global. It has sparked the creation of several clones of the wordle platforms since its first release.

Wordle Game on Nintendo Game Boy

Wordle’s cultural domination extends to vintage gaming platforms as well. Wordle has spawned a slew of cash-grab rip-offs, but most aren’t free and operate on decades-old hardware. A security researcher with the username Stacksmashing has converted the popular word game to the handheld Nintendo Game Boy. The ROM capacity of the 1989 handheld precluded him from incorporating the entire word list. However, he used a filter to assist the console in determining whether users are using one of the 8,000 most frequent English terms.

The port is free to download, but if players want to play it on a console, they’ll need to load it into a Game Boy-compatible cartridge. The wordable game can be played on a newer machine like the Analogue Pocket if users don’t like the absence of built-in display lighting on the original Game Boy.

Wordle on Game Boy Details

The game has the same appearance as Wordle and plays similarly. It comes with a keyboard and the all-too-familiar grid with six guesses for a five-letter word. Because the game’s repository only has 8,000 words, not every wordle game version is available. Correct letters positioned properly are black, while correct letters that aren’t placed correctly are gray. There is no hard mode or additional options in this game; it just presents players with a word to guess.

Wordle game enthusiasts should know that this Game Boy version differs from the original. It is not compatible with the daily online game, and there are minor gameplay changes and a distinct pool of words. This retro-inspired version isn’t the same game as the original, incredibly popular browser-based puzzler due to the Game Boy’s far older technology constraints.


For the time being, enthusiasts who want to play this retro-styled Wordle will have to do with the emulated version. Meanwhile, the original wordle game that started the viral craze has been sold to the New York Times and will be featured in the puzzle section of the newspaper. The company has stated that the game would be free “at first” but that it would be used in some way to expand its subscription base.

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