For People Looking at Customization in a Mechanical Keyboard, The NZXT Function is the Answer Treat

NZXT Review– An Overview

NZXT has entered the mechanical keyboard market with its NZXT Function Mini TKL model, priced at $119. The Function Mini Tenkeyless keyboard is designed to keep gamers in mind. The nzxt is one of the best gaming keyboards cramming many features for gaming enthusiasts.

The mechanical keyboard has hot-swappable key switch sockets, game-centric controls, and several customization options. Esports players will not prefer the mini TKL keyboards. Still, they will be lapped by gamers who are short on spaces and choose a compact board, and for them, the NZXT function Mini TKL is the best keyboard.

The nzxt TKL keyboard is made up of 88 keys and, in the process, drops about 20 keys that are found in a standard 104 key layout that includes the numeric keypad. The nzxt Function Mini takes one step further by introducing the additional F13 function and a dedicated macro key into its compact chassis.

The nzxt keyboard is 60% larger than the keyboards like Huntsman Mini but compared to TKL boards like Corsair K70 RGB TKL, it is smaller and compact, measuring 1.5x13x4.8 (HWD) and weighing 1.5 pounds. It usually takes time for some people to get used to the compact size, especially those used to full-sized keyboards.

The slim size of the nzxt allows a wide range of configuration and color options. One can customize with five color choices of Gaterron key switches – Red, Brown, blue, Alias Silent Tactile, and Silent Black Ink V2 60g in three chassis colors, five colors of keycap accents, two keycap colors, and five accent keyboard cables. The keys are standard size so that ant TKL keycap set can be compatible with the nzxt Function Mini. The customization services and configuration choices mean additional costs to the keyboard price.

The mechanical gaming keyboard comes with plenty of replacement keycaps and keycap pull with the purchase. The other features include a volume roller in the left corner and A USB-C port on top of the keyboard. There are three buttons for mute, backlight brightness, and windows key lockout below the volume control.

A gaming keyboard without the RGB lighting is incomplete. The NZXT CAM software manages all the NZXT keyboards. The keyboard has three specific preset color modes, but each key RGB lighting can be customized.

Excellent Compact Keyboard with Affordable Price

Though costlier than other TKL keyboards, NZXT Function Mini is value for money. It is a great-looking keyboard with options to customize. It may appear cramped for some, but the keyboard does an excellent job of shrinking the TKL layout, which is already compact, and adding a few whistles and bells that many keyboard enthusiasts appreciate.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Plenty of customization options
  • Excellent design and keys, including volume roller


  • Few RGB presets
  • No option for wrist rest

Nzxt Function Mini TKL specifications

  1. Number of Keys – 88
  2. Interface – USB-C
  3. Key Switch type – Patreon Red

The Takeaway

NZXT Function Mini TKL is one of those Mechanical keyboards that have managed to shrink the tenkeyless keyboards without compromising its functionality.

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