Exploring the Top 4 Best USB Microphones In 2022

The best USB mics combine high-quality recording with ease of setup and use, even if you’ve never used a dedicated microphone before. While some can be improved with additional software, most just require you to plug and play — or, in this case, plug and record.

In other words, anyone can dramatically improve how they sound in remote meetings and social chats, providing even higher clarity than the top home office headsets and headphones. But which one should you purchase? That question can be answered by looking at our list of the best USB mics we’ve tested.

best usb microphones

Here are the Top USB Microphones Available

  • Blue Yeti

blue yeti image

Reasons to Buy

  • Excellent audio quality
  • A reasonable price
  • Different modes available

The Blue Yeti is a timeless audio classic: a USB microphone excels at almost everything and fails at nearly nothing. Aside from a somewhat rigid stand, this recorder has everything a home recorder could wish for, from outstanding recording quality to a solid design.

You can just put it in and start recording in cardioid mode, but the Yeti’s diverse mix of recording patterns also allows you to capture a group. For example, bidirectional mode records in front and behind the mic, but omnidirectional mode records in a 360-degree radius.

  • Jlab Talk

jlab talk image

Reasons to Buy

  • It produces a warm, rich sound
  • Affordable
  • An adjustable stand is included

The Talk is a fantastic USB microphone despite JLab’s lack of experience with dedicated microphones. This budget-friendly, tripod-mounted option has the same recording patterns as the Blue Yeti and is generally comparable in clarity and warmth.

The JLab Talk’s tripod base is more adjustable than the Yeti’s fixed stand, which may appeal to some. We particularly appreciate how the gain and headphone volume dials have a wide light-up ring to indicate current levels, so you can see what you’re doing at a glance. Smaller microphones do not always capture these details.

  • Blue Yeti X

blue yeti x image

Reasons to Buy

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Improved controls
  • Flexible but not overcomplicated

The Yeti X is another excellent USB microphone from Blue. As the name says, it’s simply a beefed-up Blue Yeti, with a similar overall design and good recording quality. This is also true for a variety of supported, directed patterns.

It costs more in return for a few design enhancements: the gain lever is on the front for better access, and a ring of LEDs can show you how loud you are in real-time, which is a valuable alternative to using headphones for monitoring. The basic Blue Yeti is still the best deal, especially for casual users, but the Blue Yeti X is a great USB microphone.

  • Fifine Metal


Reasons to Buy

  • A perfect USB microphone for podcasting, teamspeak, and video narration
  • Designed with cardioid polarity
  • Easy to install on Macs and PCs

As you might anticipate from a product in this budget range, the FiFine USB mic isn’t going to be as durable. Cheaper manufacturing goes hand in hand with a low-price tag when you pay a low price. Overall, it appears durable and has garnered positive comments as another simple plug-and-play USB microphone alternative.

The FiFine USB mic provides volume input level mix controls and a smooth extended frequency response of 20-20kHz. Because it is omnidirectional, it should pick up primarily what is right in front of it, but you should consider the windshield because it seems to pick up a lot of external cues like keyboard typing and breath.

A USB cord is incorporated into the FiFine USB Mic itself. Long-term use and the natural wear and tear of plugging and unplugging cables causes cables to wear near their USB connectors. As a result, this could be a plus.


USB desktop microphones are a modern convenience, and as technology advances, we will be able to say goodbye to low-cost audio interfaces and complex driver installations for good. A USB Condenser Mic is a pain-free solution to record your ideas and musings if you Skype frequently, speak in-game, podcast, or simply prefer to capture your thoughts and musings.

Some of the higher-end models are improving to the point that they can compete with the best XLR condenser mics. A home studio environment can now be set up without an audio interface for musicians and singers. To get the best USB microphone for you, consider the appropriate specifications for your intended purpose.

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