5 Useful Tips to Speed up Software Development

Every business is on a mission to become more efficient and do more in less time. Of course, this is not always a need for self-satisfaction but keeps clients happy, and they can’t wait forever for your product’s release date.

Tech companies are often under pressure to reduce the required time for their software products to get to the market without compromising quality. Becoming time-efficient can help you grow as a company and improve your reputation and market share.

But how can you speed up software development without compromising quality?

  • Scale Your Software Team

The best and most obvious way to speed up software development is to extend your workforce. You can always accomplish more quickly when you have a more hands-on deck.

But if it’s a short-term project, hiring more employees may not be practical due to the cost and time of sourcing candidates, only to discard them after project completion. In such cases, Software Development Staff Augmentation is often the best alternative. You’ll have an external team working with your in-house employees to bring in speed and more skills throughout the project.

The contract may last till the end of the project.

  • Have a Clear Roadmap to Your Goal

Your goal is to get that software released to the market with all features working perfectly. To achieve precisely that result, you have to plan every step towards that goal. Each department and team would be more proactive if they knew what to do at each journey stage. Therefore, you’ll save valuable time you’d have spent discussing “what’s next!”

At the beginning of the development process, create a roadmap that sets out the requirements and plans for each step until the end.

  • Employ the Lean Production

The lean production or manufacturing approach optimizes time and resources, reduce waste, and focuses on what matters most. The lean approach can help you speed up software development by letting off every feature that may be redundant or unappreciated.

Focus on the most critical aspects of the software so you can release the product to the market quickly enough. You can later make upgrades in future versions when you’ve gotten feedback.

  • Make Automation Your Friend

You’re building a software program that will likely automate some things for the end-users. At least, it will make life easier for users as they become more efficient in whatever the app does. It’s wise to do the same for yourself during software development.

Rather than do manual testing, use automated testing that allows you to work on new features while the old ones are being automatically tested.

Also, use workflow automation tools to facilitate speedy communication among your developers. Save time by automating repetitive tasks.

  • Avoid Multitasking

Contrary to most people think, multitasking slows you down instead of making you faster. Research shows that the brain can only focus on one thing at a time. The same is true when handling too many completing tasks during development.

One way to speed up software development is to limit the amount of work in progress. By so doing, you reduce the amount of pressure on your team. If you use the kanban board for project management, ensure you specify the maximum number of tasks allowed per column.

Wrapping Up

Extending your team, reducing your workload, automating repetitive tasks, and the lean approach can help you complete software development faster. Remember that quality is of utmost priority, so never compromise it for anything.

Barry Brown has worked at Outreach Monks for two years as a content writer. He has expertise in business and technology niches, which helps the audience gain relevant information from his blogs.

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