Amazon Is Bringing Two New Original Mobile Games to Its Amazon Kids+ Service

Amazon Kids+ has worked hard to provide children and parents with a world of entertainment. With the introduction of “Super Spy Ryan” and “Do, Re, & Mi,” Amazon kids plus is now bringing mobile gaming excitement to its followers, with additional games coming later this year. Despite the Amazon Kids+ label, they are available to everybody.

What is Amazon Kids Plus?

Amazon has added two children-friendly mobile games to its portfolio on Amazon Kids+, the subscription service focused only on children. Amazon kids plus was created to deliver children’s entertainment such as comic books, novels, movies, and TV series. Parents may treat their children to various entertainment goods tailored just for them for just $2.99 each month.

Amazon Kids Plus is Releasing Two New Children’s Mobile Games

Amazon Mobile has been absent from the mobile gaming business for some time, with the last game it released being in 2015. For a long time, Amazon has shown an interest in the mobile game industry.

  • Super Spy Ryan

It’s one of the multiplayer kid-friendly games online available for kids aged 6 to 9. The game is currently accessible in the Apple and Google Play app stores in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, with more nations to follow. To ensure the safety of children, Super Spy Ryan will not include any social elements, such as adding friends or chat features.

A random spy-themed identity will be assigned to each player. A single-player mode and party mode are included in the game. Players compete in Super Spy Ryan to retrieve the most stolen birthday gifts from the villainous Packrat’s stronghold, and Packrat’s henchmen stand in their path. If detected, players must discard all of their gifts and start the game over.

  • Do, Re and Mi

On the other hand, Do, Re, MI is slated to be released soon in the Google Play and Apple app stores in the U.S., the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada. The game is a music-educational game for children aged 3 to 6. The game includes several games that teach children how to perform songs on the piano or bongos, the fundamentals of reading sheet music and exciting musical concepts like solos and duets.

In addition, children may create their music in the studio by combining different musical loops with recordings of themselves playing instruments in the game and adding their vocals. Kristen Bell and Jackie Tohn will also provide their voices for the game.


Children may play two kid-friendly games on smartphones or Amazon Fire tablets. These are the first mobile games offered through the Amazon kids plus service, with more to come soon. Amazon is not the first company to try and corner the kids’ market, and other streaming platforms have launched other similar services. Amazon is not the mobile gaming business, and they will begin to try and corner the kids’ market.

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