The 4 Best Pet Subscription Boxes Of 2022

If you’re looking to give your pet a gift, a pet subscription box is definitely worth your time. These services make pet ownership easier – and a lot more fun – by curating safe toys, healthy treats, and fun accessories. Each month will be filled with excitement. Several pet subscription boxes are available that allow you to do so thoughtfully. Several subscription boxes exist for pet owners who wish to do so thoughtfully. They can be trialed for a short time to see if they are right for you, or you can commit yourself to a subscription for three, six, or even a year. Boxes with frequency selections allow you to choose which toys or accessories your dog gets to play with at the dog park every time he goes.


Food will be the main factor in selecting your box, and the kind of dog’s size and breed may determine what treats and toys the dog needs. Recently, pet subscription boxes have grown in popularity. Check the below tested and reviewed subscription boxes to see which one is best for your pet.

  • Barkbox


  • Type of pet: dogs and puppies
  • The cost: prices start at $23 per box

BarkBox provides a monthly subscription box for pets that features toys, treats, and grooming products. You’ll find items that are appropriate for your dog’s breed and size, and they’re all of high quality – BarkBox is a well-known company for a reason.

Barkbox treats contain 100% natural ingredients, and you can opt out of any products that include chicken, turkey, or beef. Furthermore, Barkbox makes reasonable accommodations for other dietary requirements; please talk to Barkbox’s customer service team if your pup requires special care.

Subscribers can modify or cancel their subscriptions at any time. The subscription service’s themed boxes are fun and exciting for both pets and humans, so if you’re looking for a surprise – and if you want to share it with your dog – Barkbox will have you wagging your tail.

  • Catladybox


  • Type of pet: cats (and people)
  • The cost: starting at $39.99 a month

There are no limits to what cat ladies can do with CatLadyBox, a subscription box that includes delicious treats, toys, and more for their feline companions. Several high-quality products are included in each month’s delivery to help you show off your cat lady pride. The subscription plan offers tote bags, pillowcases, fashionable accessories, jewellery, home decor, and customized shirts.

There is a modest fee to upgrade your subscription if you want to add surprises for your cat. The CRAZY CatLadyBox includes everything from the original box, plus two items specifically for your feline. All plans can be canceled or modified at any time, and they offer free shipping to most states in the U.S.

You can celebrate your love of cats by signing up for the CatLadyBox subscription. The company donates a portion of its proceeds to animal rescue agencies and charities.

  • Dapper Dog Box


  • Type of pet: dogs and puppies
  • The cost: $35.99 a month plus free shipping

Dapper Dog Boxes provide a variety of treats to your dog each month. They ship high-quality toys and treats every month, and they provide detailed information about every item they send.

Among the contents of each box are two toys, two bags of treats, and a limited-edition bandana. New toys and treats will make your dog even cuter with unique accessories every month. The theme of the subscription box is excellent, and there have been boxes dedicated to themes such as Fun in the Sun, Happy Holidays, and Under the Sea.

There is no better way to find quality toys and awesome goodies for your pet than this subscription box. The subscription can be canceled, and a 30-day money-back guarantee is offered.

  • Rescuebox


  • Type of pet: dogs and cats
  • The cost: $29.95 per month

Dog or cat owners can subscribe to Rescue Box for a monthly fee. Theme-based boxes will contain goodies for your pet every month. With the click of a button, you’re on your way to a box filled with premium toys, treats, and chews.

Rescue Box saves you the time of finding new treats and toys for your dog. In addition to the high-quality products in every box, this might be the best option we’ve seen so far – RescueBox recently joined The Animal Rescue Site, and several of the shipments feed shelter animals. With each shipment, you’ll receive over $40 worth of products for your pet, and if you’re looking for a pet subscription box that gives back, we believe this is the best option. RescueBox recently joined The Animal Rescue Site, and each shipment feeds about 142 shelter animals.


Choosing a good subscription box for your pet can be fun and convenient. Here’s a look at some of our favorite services, which we think your pet will love. You have to find one that matches your pet-raising philosophy and your needs.

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