“Tunein” Premium Radio Streaming Now Works with “Alexa” Devices: a Full Review

TuneIn premium, a streaming radio service, will be available on Amazon’s Alexa-enabled smart speakers and displays. For premium users, these music services provide ad-free streaming, the option to download material for offline listening, and the opportunity to stream any song or album on demand. The cooperation signals a new step in TuneIn and Amazon’s seven-year partnership, which has provided over 100,000 free radio stations to a common client base.

Cost and Features

For the first time, customers will be able to access the whole library of TuneIn Premium content from their Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, including commercial-free news, live sports, commercial-free music, and much more. This announcement came in time for the start of the 2022 Major League Baseball season, allowing TuneIn listeners to stream MLB games conveniently.

Existing TuneIn Premium members may now link their accounts to enable the feature. New users can also use Alexa-enabled devices to access TuneIn. A free 90-day trial is available to those new to the program. The premium subscription costs $9.99 a month. It gives you access to the entire TuneIn collection via Alexa-enabled devices and wherever else TuneIn is available.

About TuneIn

TuneIn, the world’s most popular live-streaming service, combines news, live sports, podcasts, music, and radio worldwide. It is one of the most popular streaming audio services globally, with over 75 million monthly active users. TuneIn transmits over 120,000 radio stations, both owned and run by TuneIn, with exclusive access to over 200 platforms and linked devices.

TuneIn Premium members have access to commercial-free news from leading networks such as ESPN Radio, Fox News Radio, CNN, MSNBC, CSPAN, CNBC, and Bloomberg. As well as live NFL, MLB, NHL, NPR, and college sports programming and commercial-free music channels. TuneIn also has its 30-plus handpicked music channels for “every mood and taste,” and live radio stations worldwide.



Users may listen to over 120,000 radio stations worldwide and over 40,000 podcasts and get free breaking news, sports news, and celebrity gossip thanks to TuneIn’s extensive radio station portfolio.


Performance problems have been reported to influence track and station information by users. Client feedback is gathered regularly by TuneIn, and it also sends out regular updates on the issues that have been resolved.

This app is one of the finest radio streaming services, with various features for listeners and broadcasters. It has 21st-century listener-friendly features, and it’s a platform that everyone should think about, whether they’re a listener, artist, or podcaster.


Customers interested in TuneIn Premium may sign up on the service’s website or tell any compatible, Alexa-enabled device to “Alexa, open TuneIn Live.” TuneIn Live has been accessible on Alexa-enabled devices for quite some time now. However, it did not contain the complete list of content providers and services supplied by the newly announced TuneIn premium tier. This includes commercial-free news, music, and access to every NHL and MLB game.

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