The Great Gatsby – What Makes Fitzgerald’s Timeless Love Story a Must-Read Even Today

One of the great classics of the Twentieth-century literature, The Great Gatsby, a novel by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald, can qualify as the most incredible love story of all time. Despite having many similarities to Romeo and Juliet, the author’s third novel is much more than a love story. The Great Gatsby book, published in 1925, is an exemplary Jazz age novel that has held generations of readers in awe and earned rich acclaim. The novel is set on Long Island, near New York City, during the Jazz age and narrates the tragic story of a mysterious self-made millionaire Jay Gatsby and his love interest, a wealthy woman Daisy Buchanan whom he loved in his youth.

The Great Gatsby Makes a Dramatic Comeback

Before discussing in more detail the Great Gatsby novel, it will be interesting to follow the course of events that unfolded after the first publication of the book. The novel received a lukewarm and mixed response from the readers and critics as it received some favorable reviews while some considered it not as good as the author’s previous efforts. The novel was a commercial disappointment and sold fewer than 20,000 copies, and belied Fitzgerald’s hope of making windfall gains.

However, the book went through a re-birth after the Second World War when it was freely distributed among American soldiers posted overseas. The book’s popularity soared amazingly, but the author, who passed away in 1940, could not see it.

The Plot

Now, let us look at the Great Gatsby summary that should help us understand the novel’s greatness that keeps enthralling readers of all ages.

The novel is a first-person account narrated by Nick Carraway, a war veteran from a well-to-do family looking to sell bonds. He starts living in a house in East Egg, opposite Gatsby’s mansion. Gatsby is super-rich and throws lavish parties every weekend attended by the whole town. However, Gatsby remains an enigma, as he neither attends the parties nor anyone knows much about him. Gatsby carefully guards his past as a dark secret and how he amassed such huge wealth and keeps undercover his great lust that finally leads to his demise.

The novel is more than a love story because it conveys a strong message about the hollowness of a pompous life. Like Romeo and Juliet, the protagonist of the Great Gatsby novel Jay Gatsby has a deep obsession with controlling time, and Gatsby wants to restore his past to create a beautiful future.

The Literary Angle

The Great Gatsby book will make you feel like reading poetry, with plenty of literary brilliance creating a rhythm that leads to an immersive experience as you roll back in time. The pulsating rhythm is so enticing that it could make your foot tap.

The beauty of the Great Gatsby is the flawless depiction of the flawed characters with an extreme finesse that does not leave any room for sympathy. Readers feel enraged as Fitzgerald exposes them to the injustice and cruelty of the world.

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