Stories and Rumors Are Spreading Fast about the Probable Release of Windows 12 in 2022

Expectations are growing fast as we await the release of Windows 12 sometime in 2022, which seems rational as Microsoft is busy fixing the bugs of Windows 11 released in 2021. As it happens with any new OS release, Windows 11, released on October 5, 2021, keeps Microsoft engineers busy fixing the bugs and issues faced by users. But that does not mean that it can impact the Windows 12 release date. No one indeed knows the release date, but there are high chances that Microsoft will release it in 2022. If you believe in the rumors and unconfirmed information doing the rounds in the market, the release might happen in October.

But then, it is all guesswork in the absence of any announcement from Microsoft. Moreover, as Windows 11 is yet to stabilize and Microsoft will take some more time to resolve issues faced by users, there could be some uncertainty about the company releasing the newest windows version at such a short interval. We have to wait to see how things unfold.

Is Windows 12 a work in progress?

As users are yet to settle down and get comfortable with Windows 11, it might sound outrageous and funny to talk about Microsoft assigning a new number to the newest windows version and adding it to the inventory of OS. According to the claims of various tech websites, Microsoft is already working on the latest version of the OS and assigned it the number 12 to maintain the trend set many years ago. The new Windows is supposed to be an entirely different operating system.

What can we expect?

There is likely to be an overhaul of the foundation of Windows on which all versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems have been built till Windows 11. You must create a Microsoft account to access the new OS, whether as a Home or Pro user. Besides the Microsoft Pluton Security chip, there are likely to be some remnants of Windows 10X embedded in the upcoming operating system.

Let us have a glance at the possible Windows 12 features.

New features and updates

The new operating system will assimilate plenty of updates and modifications based on the previous experience of the earlier operating systems released so far. There is a buzz that Microsoft would incorporate such features in the newest windows version that would make VR (virtual reality) easily accessible to users, thus making it inexpensive.


The software’s compatibility with various interfaces will be much better than Windows XP to ensure a seamless experience for users. Since the software would already take care of multiple issues, it seems rational to expect much superior compatibility without the hiccups faced with the earlier operating systems.

Image Monitor Screening

The new OS will have an integrated monitor recorder for facilitating the use of the device as a video recorder. The inclusion of a new feature will allow users to shoot photos directly from the screen.

Windows 12 will have more robust security features, including anti-ransomware tools restricting app access to specific folders.

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