Dual Goals of Starbucks for Teaming up with Volvo to Install Charge Points 

EV adoption is a challenge for manufacturers to popularize in the future, but the impediments to charging the cars while driving pose a significant challenge for EV manufacturers. EV adoption faces a major hurdle in the charging infrastructure, and Starbucks has partnered with Volvo Car USA to set up a Chargepoint network. The ambitious project envisages setting up a public charging network for EVs at Starbucks stores, and the charge points will bear Volvo branding.

Volvo Car USA offers various charging options for EVs and hybrid vehicles. All-electric vehicle models released in 2022 come with an initial complimentary DC fast (CCS) Level 2 charging 250 kWh. The free-of-cost charging is valid for three years, after which the user gets a 12-month membership of Electrify America Pass. The setting up of the EV charging network in collaboration with Starbucks will give huge impetus to popularize EVs.

A Win-Win Situation for Starbucks and Volvo Car USA

The collaboration between Starbucks and Volvo Car USA is an example of the mutual benefits that the companies would derive from the project. The project is like a pilot run to study how attractive the charging stations would be to EV users and whether the convenience extended to them would help boost the popularity that is gradually becoming more affordable. The project team has chosen 15 Starbucks locations to set up a Starbucks charging spot at each location. Every Volvo charging station set up at the sites would have 4 DC charges as the company has plans to distribute 60 DC chargers for the project.

While Volvo aims to gain the confidence of EV users and widens its customer base fast, Starbucks too has a similar goal because the convenience of charging EVs would draw more people to the Starbucks stores.

The Project Details

The 1390 miles stretch between the coffee company’s headquarters in Seattle and Denver would have a Volvo charging station every 100 miles. Translating the figures in metric units means that there would be a Starbucks charging spot at an interval of 160 kilometers along the entire stretch of 2172 kilometers. The idea behind choosing Starbucks is a well-thought idea because the carmaker wants to highlight that charging EVs would be as convenient and comfortable as buying coffee. And what could be a better choice than Starbucks that allows the carmaker to tap into a vast pool of customers who would find enough reasons to buy EVs.

Chargepoint DC Fast Chargers

Volvo plans to install Chargepoint DC fast chargers because of their speedy charging, which would take only 40 minutes to bring the Volvo C40 recharge from 20percent to 90 percent. The waiting time would be helpful for Starbucks, too, as people would order some coffee while the charging completes.

Charging would be free or at preferential rates for Volvo drivers at the Starbucks charging points. However, the charging points would be open to other users but for a fee that the company will decide.

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