Apple iPhone XS Max Review: Apple’s Supersized, Powerful, and Pricey Smartphone

The iPhone xs max is known for its large, stunning screen, which is superior to any other phone. Its new design boosts usable screen real estate and makes text and images denser and crisper, making it an excellent update for consumers who desire a huge phone. The iPhone xs max release date was September 21, 2018.

The iPhone XS Max feels more substantial than the iPhone XS, and this is because of the iPhone xs max size. The XS Max has a luxury appearance and feels to it. The combination of an almost bezel-less OLED display, curved stainless steel edges, and glossy glass is still enticing.

iPhone XS Max Review

Massive screen for video – The 6.5-inch screen, which is the biggest ever on an iPhone by an inch diagonally, is ideal for viewing media. The iPhone xs max screen size is large enough to substitute an iPad for Netflix or iTunes movies on a lengthy trip.

Upgraded camera – The XS Max’s new Depth Control tool is a fantastic addition. People may use Portrait Mode to snap a shot and then modify the blur strength later. Compared to images shot with the iPhone X, photos taken with the device are somewhat sharper and more accurate in terms of colors.

Battery life – One of the XS Max’s most striking characteristics is its battery life. according to Apple, the XS Max has an hour and a half more battery life than the iPhone X, which translates to around 15 hours of video or 25 hours of call time on a single charge. Most users are only concerned with getting through a single day on a single charge.

iOS is not fully optimized for the larger screen – Unfortunately, in landscape mode, the keyboard on the iPhone xs max sits in the middle of the screen rather than being enlarged. Apps like Mail require a motion to open the additional pane of information, and there’s no landscape home screen compatibility. It just appears like the hardware is ahead of the software—and that’s only for Apple’s apps; third-party apps still need to be updated. Picture-in-picture mode and drag-and-drop between apps are also absent. These features would have been perfect additions to the iPhone’s bigger display.

Lack of bundled fast-charging solution – The 5-watt charging adaptor that has been provided with iPhones since the second-generation version appeared in 2008 is still included with this iPhone. The iPhone XS Max’s battery has roughly three times the capacity of the 2008 model, yet it still charges at the same pace. Given the exorbitant cost of high-end iPhones, Apple should include a fast charger in the package. Apple does, however, provide a fast-charging alternative for an additional $70.


The iPhone xs max is one of Apple’s finest iPhones to date. Overall, the apple iPhone xs max details raise the standard for both iPhones and Android devices. The XS Max’s biggest drawback is its high price. The 64 GB model starts at $1,099 and goes up to $1,449 for the 512 GB variant. That is an absurdly high price for a smartphone, but Apple believes consumers are willing to pay a premium.

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