Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ UltraWide Curved Monitor Review: A Stunning Gaming Monitor

The Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ is one of the most anticipated computer monitors. The $2,499 Asus rog swift pg vq gaming monitor has a fast CPU. This 35-inch panel with a 200Hz refresh rate is the most “ultra” display in the ultrawide category, with excellent color statistics to back up its quick performance. It’s a perfect choice for both content makers and gamers.

Image Quality

The Asus rog swift pg vq is a fantastic HDR gaming monitor. The monitor’s full-array local dimming (FALD) system can enhance the contrast ratio to over 100,000:1 and the peak brightness to over 1,000 nits for a real HDR viewing experience with vibrant highlights and inky blacks.

The screen has about 5 million pixels. With a pixel density of 106.55 PPI (pixels per inch), the 3440×1440 screen resolution provides a high pixel density on 35-inch panels. An extra horizontal screen area is provided by the 21:9 ultrawide aspect ratio, which is notably handy for audio/video editing and office work.


The ASUS PG35VQ wide monitor features an NVIDIA G-SYNC Ultimate module that enables a variable refresh rate (VRR) up to 200Hz for tear-free gaming with a compatible GPU.


Dark Boost, on-screen timings, crosshair overlays, and several visual settings, such as RTS/RPG, FPS, racing, landscape, cinema, and other helpful gaming features are available.

Design and Connectivity

With a height adjustment of up to 110mm, a -6°/21° tilt, a +/-35° swivel, and compatibility with 100x100mm VESA mounts, the monitor’s stand is both sturdy and adaptable. A mild anti-glare, matte coating avoids reflections without making the image grainy. The screen features a modest 1800R curve for increased immersion.

The connectivity offerings include DisplayPort 1.4, a headphone port, HDMI 2.0, and a dual-USB 3.0 hub. The monitor incorporates a “Hi-Fi-grade ESS” DAC, enabling better audio quality for headphones.

Asus Rog Swift pg vq Review

The Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ is a fantastic ultrawide monitor, unquestionably one of the best. Gaming is buttery smooth thanks to the addition of 200Hz G-Sync, and DisplayHDR 1000 gives games great color and depth. The curved widescreen is sharp and immersive, and the image quality is excellent, with unique colors and contrast.

Despite its premium price, the Asus rog swift pg vq has flaws. The port selection is mediocre, and a little more bandwidth would have enabled 10-bit color to run at a broader range of refresh rates. There are no speakers, and a faint fan noise may be heard. Overclocking the screen creates a small amount of additional blurring. And in Windows, HDR mode causes the cursor to appear haloed.


The ASUS ROG Swift PG35VQ was one of the top gaming monitors of 2019. This monitor is one of the costliest business monitors on the market, and this puts the panel out of reach for most people but within grasp for those willing to pay for a near-flawless experience. The Asus rog swift pg vq produces amazing HDR images, but owing to its short reaction time, it performs poorly for its price. There are also many superior options available at this price point.

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