The Fledgling Mountain Everest Max in the Gaming Keyboard Market – An Overview 

The mountain everest max may be expensive, but this innovative gaming keyboard is worth its price. The main USP of this keyboard is that it allows one to customize and set a peripheral that suits an individual needs.

Innovative design and Value-added Accessories 

The mountain Everest max keyboard is a modular keyboard and fully customizable, and the prices start from $270 for the complete kit. If one notices, the mountain Everest has a theme and allows its customers plenty of flexibility and choices when one goes through their product box. While the keyboard is the main item, the packaging contains additional accessories such as Numpad that are ambidextrous, a media control center, a keyboard kit for customization, and USB-A to USB-C and USB-C to USB -C adaptor.

The modular accessories are value addition, but the real winner is the customization kit. One can get a set of eight adjustable feet to control the everest max position and an ESC keycap to replace the branded one. There is a keycap removing tool and five different design of MX key switches which comes in different colors of red, blue, cherry, brown, and silent red.

However, the keycaps are disappointing as they are thin and susceptible to smudging. The RGB lighting the shine through the key switches are not bright enough, so one might need their PBT keycaps to get a better experience.

The build of the mountain everest max keyboard is overall of high quality. The accessories connections are tight, considering there are usually instability or poor alignment concerns. This means that one can safely move the keyboard around the desk with the accessories attached. One can place the Numpad on the right- or left-hand side and switch the orientation to place the USB-C connection as desired.

There are four macro keys on the Numpad that is customizable and programmed with OBS integration. The buttons are stiffer and have less responsive click compared to the LegatoStream deck. However, they work well and are good enough for content creators and PC gamers.

The wrist rest is not luxurious or fancy. Still, they are comfortable with its slim layer of plush foam compared to the hard plastic ones on certain products.

The displayed dial allows one to monitor the system and give accurate real-time data like CPU usage percentage. The available controls on the dial display are pretty responsive and do not have any issues.

The media control center has many features. One can customize the default image on the screen when the PC boots up. This image will vanish when one uses the dial. The image can be segmented. One can choose the lighting effect, too, with the dual-colored animation running across the keyboard. One can adjust the backlighting brightness, but the brightness is not great and can affect the keyboard lighting. One can also find that the Macro keys are brighter than the rest of the keyboard, and even changing the brightness does not help.


Considering that the mountain brand keyboard is a new entrant in the competitive gaming market, it is impressive. The exceptional functionality of the everest max keyboard makes it difficult to go back to some other keyboard.

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