The Best Apple Watch Bands of 2022: Excellent Wearable Straps for Women and Men

An excellent way to customize an Apple watch is to get a new band or strap. There are plenty of choices, be it stainless steel, leather, Milanese loop, or sweat-proof bands. While the official Apple straps are expensive, there are thousands of high-quality options for men and women from other brands.

The clasp and mechanism in the Apple Watch for adding the bands remain the same. However, the new Apple Watch Series 7 has changed sizes to 41 mm and 45 mm, and the older sizes of 40 mm and 45 mm fit the series 7 perfectly.

This review will see some of the best apple watch bands for men and women.

MIFA Band – The Best Apple Watch Band for Men in Leather

one is looking for a band that can add a touch of class to the Apple smartwatch and, at the same time, does want to pay much for it, the MIFA leather band is ideal. The leather band comes for around $21. The band comes in 42mm and 44 mm sizes, making it suitable for Apple Watch Series 4, 5, and 6. It comes with buck fasteners and steel adaptors.

  • Fullmosa Stainless Steel Watch Band 

This is one of the best apple watch bands in link and metal. The stainless-steel band provides the option of six different colors, with the blue and red colors complimenting Series 7 colors. The band has clasped folds that keep things secure. Though there is also a TPU case, it is not compatible with the series 7 watch. The band is priced at $19 in different size options, from 38mm to 45 mm. The band also comes with tools that help remove the links if one wants to remove them for a better fit.

  • OXaLeather Slim Leather Band – The Luxury Apple Watch Bands for Women

One of those cool apple watch bands proves that a leather watch strap need not be always black or brown and bulky. This stylish band is perfect for those with slim wrists. The bead on both sides of the band where the watch meets ensures a slimmer fit while giving it a chic feel. The leather and adaptor fittings come in different colors, and one can get a strap monogrammed for extra style. The watchband is priced at $ 34.80 and comes in size options from 38 mm to 42 mm.

  • Secbolt Stainless Steel Band – The Link and Metal Apple Watch Bands for Women

This band looks like a jewelry style and is only compatible with the smallest Apple case size and is ideal for slender wrists. The rhinestones on the stainless steel add extra glitz to the metal band. The strip has six folding clasps that can be removed without any tool so that it can fit right. This band is for those who want to add extra glamour to their Apple watch. The strap comes at a price tag of $ 13.59 and has different size options from 38 mm to 45mm.


Choosing from thousands of apple watch bands and third-party brands that sell Apple watch straps is highly confusing. The best option is to look at the budget and style, leather or metal, and go for one that suits the wearer.

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