The Best To-Do List App In 2022

Whether you are a student or a working professional, staying organized can be challenging. You’ll end up stressed and frantic if you let all this information flood your mind.

Using an external system is the solution. Putting your to-do list on the right app will give your brain more time for important tasks. Instead of trying to recall everything you have to do, you can spend more time on important tasks.

We’ve done the research for you, as choosing an app can be tricky. You’re sure to find the right app for you among these options. See why we chose any one of the apps or read on for more information on b.

  • Todoist


  • The best app for analyzing natural language
  • Flexible and powerful at the same time
  • Easily add from anywhere

The app manages to balance power and simplicity while running on most platforms. The simplicity of the Todoist app is a strong selling point-which explains why it is so popular right now. With natural language processing, our tests showed adding tasks was quick on all platforms with natural language processing. New tasks can be added to your Inbox and moved to the relevant projects; you can also set due dates. There are also some fundamental collaboration components for paid users, including custom filters and labels. While Todoist is extremely flexible, it does not overwhelm users with options. As a free to-do list app, this is a good place to start if you aren’t sure where to begin.


  • Basic Plan (limited features)
  • Pricing for the premium version is $4 per month or $36 per year.
  • Ticktick

tik tok

  • More affordable than Todoist
  • It offers a lot of useful productivity features.

A fast-growing to-do list app on just about any platform you can imagine, TickTick offers a wide array of features. Natural language processing makes it easy to add tasks. On desktop versions, a universal keyboard shortcut is available, while on mobile, widgets and notifications are pinned so you can quickly add a task before moving on. Lists, tags, and due dates can be used to organize tasks, and they can even be subdivided.

It offers all of this and more with native apps that feel native, and the macOS version of the app differs from the Windows version in ways that makes sense considering that the two operating systems are different. A few additional features make TickTick stand out from other apps.


  • Free version
  • Premium tier for $28 annually or $2.79 monthly
  • Microsoft To-Do


  • It’s completely free.
  • It works well for subtasks.

Microsoft hired a team at Wunderlist to create a new to-do list app in 2015. There is a lot of flexibility below the surface, but the interface is clean and friendly. However, Microsoft’s ecosystem integration is what really sets this apart. Outlook users can now sync their tasks from Outlook to their mobile devices with Microsoft To Do, and tasks can be added to the Windows Start menu or through Cortana.

According to us, it is also the most beautiful task management app on the market. You can set a custom background image for every list to easily identify which one you’re looking at.


  • It is available free of cost
  • Google Tasks


  • A good Google calendar view
  • A button for clearing completed tasks is available

You should experiment with Google Tasks if you use Gmail and Google Calendar a lot. Since it sits in the sidebar, it offers many integrations, and it lives right in the sidebar of those two applications. A mobile app is also available.

Tasks can be added quickly, especially if you use Gmail frequently. However, the app does not feature many organizational features. The tasks are divided into due dates, lists, and subtasks. But Gmail integration on the desktop is one of the most appealing features. A task can be created by dragging an email into Google Tasks. Having a to-do app available at all times is the best. Google Tasks is probably the most useful app if you keep Gmail open on your computer all the time.


  • Free of cost


There are days when you have dozens of tasks to accomplish, both professionally and personally. It is vital that you stay on top of your game in order to keep your head above water. Over the years, it has been our experience that using a To-Do list app is a great way to achieve that.

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