Protect Your E-Reader With the Best Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Case

The book has not been replaced by e-reading, but it is synonymous with Amazon Kindle, whatever its market size. If anyone owns an e-reader, it will most likely be an Amazon kindle.

If you own a Kindle, Oasis, or Paperwhite, protecting your investment against wear tear from elements and damages due to human error is significant. Each reader has its own set of unique protective options, such as a kindle paperwhite case.

Top Paperwhite Cases to Choose from!

Here are some of the favorite cases that keep your device in good condition.

  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Fabric Cover

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Fabric Cover

This case is straightforward and convenient. The kindle paperwhite case, made of the official fabric cover, is ideal and protects the Kindle Paperwhite. The case is designed to be thin and lightweight and can be safe near water.

The cover folds back so that one can read it with one hand and also charge it without having to remove the case. The opening and closing of the e-reader with cover on it are like a book and easy to handle and not clumsy. The case has basic looks but is effective.

  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover

Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover

The leather cover is the best kindle paperwhite case as it looks great and adds a touch of class. The natural textured leather finish of the cover on the outside makes it appear premium in nature. The microfibre protection on the cover protects the kindle display from scratches.

The other typical cover features are the folding option that allows one-hand reading and charging simultaneously. The case is thin and light and does not add weight to the Kindle Paperwhite. The positive reason to buy this premium paperwhite case is to add weight, classy and comfortable features, scratch protection, though, for some, the downside would be that it is not and up of vegan leather.

  • Amazon Kindle Fabric Cover

Amazon Kindle Fabric Cover

Fabric covers keep the kindle cozy. It is as simple as that. The soft finish and perfect fit offer a great reason to buy though it may not offer outstanding protection in case of an impact on the kindle. The fabric for the Amazon Kindle case protects the back and display. The magnetic connection ensures that the cover does not open in a bag and the kindle does not get exposed. The moment it is open, the kindle also wakes up and is ready for use. The amazon kindle case made of fabric comes in different colors.

  • Amazon Kindle Oasis Premium Leather Cover

Amazon Kindle Oasis Premium Leather Cover

This premium cover is expensive, and the high price could be a reason to avoid it. However, the effort from Amazon for the premium leather for the Oasis is impressive and gets better with use as the leather develops over time into a natural patina.

When the kindle case is opened, the device auto wakes up. The cover offers a magnetic clasp to keep the kindle covered and protected from scratch or damage in transit.


As an eReader having the best of both worlds would involve having the convenience of a Kindle and the feel of the natural book by covering it with a leather protective cover of a kindle paperwhite case.

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