Choose the Easy-to-Install Smart Mortise Locks in 2022 – An Overview

Locks play an important role in the security of the home. While there are different types of locks available in the market, these days, homeowners look for the most suitable mortise locks only because it is one the top choices in locks that can guarantee the strongest security.

What is a Mortise Door Lock?

A mortise is referred to the pocket cut in a door in which the lock is fitted. Therefore, it is impossible to fit a mortise lockset installed on any door type. They can be used in new doors, but the door has to be prepared specially for the installation process. Though the lockset consists of standard elements required for a lock, all parts are made of high-quality material. Also, the lock’s unique mechanism makes it exceptional.

Pick Only the Best Mortise Locks for Enhanced Security!

  • Wright Products VMT115PB Mortise Set

Wright Products VMT115PB MORTISE SET

The VMT115PB mortise lock from the Wright Products has been a well-known brand for the last 50 years. The lock is made of brass, and therefore it is durable and strong. The satin nickel exterior finish and golden color give it a luxurious look to the room. The built-in double-keyed deadbolt ensures strong security.

The level handle of the lock can be customized, and it is suitable for a screen door or bedroom door. This lock is universal, and with its design and construction, it can fit easily in a door that has a thickness of 1 inch to 1.4 inches.

The lock can easily fit and be installed on the door, right hinged or left hinged. The lock is made of high-quality material, and the only drawback is that the VMT115PB mortise lock does not fit with Anderson and Emco storm doors.

  • Defender Security E 2311 Mortise Keyed Lock Set

Defender Security E 2311 Mortise Keyed Lock Set

The E 2311 is an elegant and stylish-looking smart mortise lock from Defender Security. The lock looks elegant and aristocratic with the brass trim and glass knob. This traditional yet modern design lock needs a door with a thickness of 2-⅜ inches. The lock is designed so that it can be installed easily by hand. So, if it is a new door or replacing of lock on an old door, the E 2311 is ideal.

The smart lock is ideal for bedroom, washroom, and other interior room doors. The only issue with the lock is that it comes with a Philip head which makes it difficult to tighten.

  • Defender Security E 2496 Mortise Keyed Lock Set

Defender Security E 2496 Mortise Keyed Lock Set

The E 2496 mortise lock set from Defender Security has an elegant design with a glass knob in three colors. The matching with the interiors can be chosen with polished brass, classic bronze, and satin nickel.

The lock has all the modern essence with a traditional appearance and can fit on any door, even old ones. The only condition required is the door thickness of 2-3/8 inches.

However, the lock is not recommended for the main door. Still, it can be used in any interior door, such as the bedroom, kitchen, and washroom. There is also no wrong or right installation as one can operate from both sides of the lock bolt key,


The most popular smart locks are important part are those deadbolt locks where the latch is separate. While the smart mortise locks are expensive and generally complicated to install, the above three locks under review can be installed easily.

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