5 Best NES Emulator for Playing Retro Games on Modern Devices in 2022

NES is an acronym for Nintendo Entertainment System, and if you have been a gamer in the 1990s, you will probably be well aware of this iconic game console. Compared to the other gaming consoles in those days, the NES was the most popular among adults and kids worldwide. Also, the NES came with plenty of family contents and simple controls.

With changing technologies over the years, you will not get those gaming consoles, but there is good news for those who remember them and would like to reaccess those NES games.

NES Emulator for NES Games

It is possible to play with modern technology your games that bring you nostalgia. The modern-day best NES emulators are stable like the NES gaming console and provide gaming options similar to NES consoles.

The gaming market offers plenty of NES emulators compatible with easy and customized controls.   For playing the NES games on your PC or smartphone, you require the best NES emulator for Android or iOS platforms or anyone that suits your requirements.

  • Retro Arch

retro arch

It is hard not to list Retro Arch console emulators among the top NES emulators as it is the most famous and best among the lot in the gaming market today. Though it is difficult to install it on the computer, its high-quality graphics are worth it. The emulator can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.



The NESBOX is the perfect choice if looking for a modern NES emulator. It is easily downloadable from its official website and can be installed easily, and it is easy to play games with NESBOX.

  • Nintendulator


Nintendulator is one of those rarely found open-source Win 32 NES emulators available in the market and considered one of the best. It is also designed to tackle any hardware quirks. There have been certain modifications in the emulator console to meet the modern-day gamers’ expectations. The emulator is developed in C++ programming language, making it compatible with modern devices.

  • Dolphin


The Dolphin is a favorite NES emulator among youths because of its Wi-Fi features and capabilities. It is constantly upgrading and improving endeavors. These newest emulator features include a full HD screen mode, support on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems, and gamers playing with Wi-Fi links.



The FCEUX emulator offers exciting features such as plug-ins by third parties and easy modifications. It also has easy controls, and gamers can play without any difficulty. The game emulator is sufficient enough to get better results for users. Some features include full-screen view support, Windows, Linux, Mac platform compatibility, Gamepad support, mapping features, and ROM hacking.

Final Takeaway

Though we take just a few of the best NES emulators for review, there are more available in the market today. Compared to shelling out more money on eBay for NES consoles, it is better to buy an NES emulator.

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