RCA, GPX, & Magnavox Home Theater Projectors – Your Best Projector Choices!

For various reasons, the craze for random viewing of movies in theaters has gone down lately. The pandemic fuelled the demand for home theaters to replicate a similar experience of viewing movies in a theater. More and more households are searching for the best home theater projector to install in their living room and discard the TV, at least for viewing movies. You must have a home theater projector that produces much larger and life-like images than the biggest size of TVs for recreating the theater-like experience at home. The movies you see at home will never make you feel that something is amiss, and it would perhaps have been better had you seen the movie in a theater. The joys of viewing movies at home on a large screen or wall are more pleasing than viewing them in public places.

Three of the Best Home Theater Projectors for You

Here are some options of home theater projectors that could be right for you.

  • RCA RPJ 136 Can Rank as the Best Home Theater Projector

RCA RPJ 136 can rank as the best home theater projector

Radio Corporation of America is a more than a century old company that owns the RCA electronics brand and is a leading name in entertainment, satellite, and space communications today. The RCA home theater projector is one of the company’s most innovative products that build projectors for anyone and everyone. With a wide range of products, the company serves all types of customers regardless of their budget. Among several company projectors, the RCA RPJ 136 home theater projector ensures a superior movie viewing experience. The 1080p compatible projector has the power of the mstar advanced color engine under the hood with upgraded LED lighting. The versatile projector has HDMI, USB, AV, and VGA ports for connecting any device like tablets, smartphones, USB drives, TV boxes, and other devices. The projector is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and the viewing size ranges between 32 inches and 170 inches.

  • GPX Mini Projector

GPX mini projector

The small and compact design of the projector enhances the looks of the easy-to-set-up GPX mini home theater projector. The projector comes with remote control, and the hardware interface consists of HDMI and Bluetooth, besides AV and USB connectivity. The 2.73 lbs projector has 1280×720 display resolution and can project the visuals like photos, games, and movies up to a size of 150 inches screen size. Choosing the biggest screen size will recreate the best movie viewing experience that will make you forget visiting theaters. The projector has built-in full-range speakers, and the life of the LED bulb is 20,000 hours. The remote controller uses 2 AAA batteries.

  • Magnavox MP601 Portable Home Theater Projector

Magnavox MP601 portable home theater projector

The Magnavox home theater projector has a 3.97-inch projection TFT LCD and a display resolution of 1920x 1080 that supports full HD 1080p when plugged into an HDMI input. The projector beams images suitable for up to 150-inch screen size. The projector comes with a remote controller and voice controller, and its lightweight ensures easy portability. You can take your entertainment anywhere and are considered the best home theater projector device because of the flexibility of setting it up quickly in any room.

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