Best Universal Remote Control – From RCA to GE & from Philips to Samsung and Vizio

Home theater system owners usually seek the utmost convenience while enjoying home entertainment. They need a universal remote, the all-in-one controller of multiple system devices. A universal remote avoids the confusion and hassles of handling several remotes for individual devices like the TV, game console, DVD player, streaming box, soundbar, etc. The best universal remote can streamline the clickers so that you can control any device like the Blu-Ray player, Apple TV, Roku streaming stick, and soundbar. You have a single wand with buttons that gives a magical feeling as you need not manage multiple remote controllers, most of which might not be easy to find when you need it the most.

Best Five Universal Remote Controllers to Purchase

Here are your choices of universal remote controllers, any of which could be the best for you.

  • RCA 4 Device Remote Control Could be Your Best Universal Remote

RCA 4 device Remote control could be your best universal remote

A consolidated remote control like the RCA universal remote can help to control four devices with a single controller. The ultra-slim ergonomic design and easy setup of the plug-and-play remote controller make it highly user-friendly. The RCA remote control is perhaps the lightest in the range and weighs only 0.31 pounds. .   Although you might want a remote control to manage more devices, most universal remote controllers can handle up to 4 devices. The choice of the devices is up to you. The partially lit keypads make their use in dark rooms quite convenient. The three-color shades of the controller provide options for choosing one that matches most with your overall home color scheme and décor.

  • GE Universal Remote Control

GE universal remote control

Despite lacking in digital display and Wi-Fi connectivity like other universal remote controllers, the GE universal remote derives its strength from the simplicity of design and ease of use. The remote controller can control four devices like DVD players, TVs, and cable set-top boxes. The rectangular-shaped design of the remote is quite traditional, which ensures durability. The remote is much cheaper than other similar remotes as you have to pay less than $10 for it. The remote has built-in programs and is even programmable to meet your unique needs.

  • Philips 5 in 1 Home Theater Remote

The Philips 5 in 1 Home Theater Remote is a popular Philips universal remote which is MEPL compatible and meant for the brand’s home theaters. The remote control all the devices that come with the home theater system. The infrared-powered controller uses an AAA battery and has a maximum range of 10 meters.

  • Samsung Universal Remote Control

Samsung universal remote control

Coolux Universal Remote is a Samsung universal remote control, the lowest-priced controller under $10. The controller is compatible with Samsung TVs – LED, LCD, HDTV, and 3D smart TVs. Since the controller is for exclusive use with Samsung TV, it is a plug-and-play device ready to operate without any setup or pairing.

  • Vizio XRT112 Universal Remote Control

The Vizio universal remote control can connect with your TV directly without any setup or programming. The infrared remote works with many Vizio TVs like smart TVs belonging to the M-Series, E-series LCD, LED, and HDTV.

When you search for the best universal remote control, you will realize that your choices might be quite limited.

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