Tivo Stream 4K Bears Testimony To The DVR Brand Re-Birth Making Its Maiden Entry Into Streaming Services

Tivo Stream 4K gives a new identity to the brand long known for TV DVRs. The company joins the league of the media streaming elites like Chromecast with Google TV and Amazon Fire TC stick 4. The company is offering a small box priced at $49.99 that you can plug into the back of your TV to access all of the services and apps on the Android TV, topped up by a Tivo menu system. There is no recurring cost for using the device as it does not require a Tivo subscription, nor is it necessary to subscribe to a cable service or install an antenna. TV lovers would appreciate the performance of the excellent media streamer, although it fails to match the Chromecast experience at the same price.

Tivo Stream 4K Device – Design

Built-in the line of Chromecast, the device is rectangular, unlike the round design of Chromecast. The slim black plastic box has a short 1-inch cable jutting out from the top and ending in an HDMI plug. At the opposite end of the cable is a micro-USB port, and on the right side of the device, you will find a USB-C port for additional storage and peripherals. The device includes a remote control and a mini-version of the Tivo DVRs and is shaped like a dog bone with many rubber buttons.

A circular direction pad is central to the remote control and draws all attention. The Tivo button is at the top with a channel rocker, a volume rocker, and a few other buttons on the two sides. A Google Assistant button is below the Tivo button, and a dedicated Netflix button shines brightly within the numerical pad. The design appears slightly cluttered, but the device functions very well, as confirmed by any Tivo Stream 4K review that you come across.


A quick look at the Tivo Stream 4K specs reveals that the size of the box is 3x2x0.6 inches (LBH), and the remote control measures 5.75×1.75x 0.9 inches (LBH). The device can stream more than 5,000 channels and has an HDMI port, a micro-USB, and a USB-C port. The video resolution is 4k maximum at 60 fps. The device supports the video formats of HDR10, HDR10 plus, and Dolby Vision, and the supported audio formats are Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital, and Dolby Digital Plus.

Setting up Tivo stream

When you learn about the Tivo Stream 4K setup method, you will realize that users must have a Tivo account which you will need at a later stage during setup and is necessary for completing the process. It is easy to set up the streaming service by following the setup instructions that appear on the screen. Use the activation code that appears on the screen to activate the service by logging on to the activation page of the Tivo.com website.

A Wholesome Entertainment Package

The Tivo stream interface consists of the Android TV and the Tivo Stream 4K apps. The Android TV interface lists the apps row-wise, led by the Tivo Stream app, followed by the apps you select from the long list of apps, including Netflix, Sling, Hulu, YouTube, Prime Video, and anything else of your choice.

Tivo Stream 4K ensures smooth performance, and its compatibility with Google Assistant is terrific.

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