No Need to Look Beyond Garett- Ace 250 & Nokta Makro Simplex+ When Searching for the Best Metal Detector

Hobbyists who go on a treasure hunt mainly to discover ancient artifacts, coins, or other metallic relics that have roots entrenched in history rely heavily on the best metal detector to identify the probable spots to dig for treasure. The compelling dream of finding buried treasure drive people crazy as they cannot resist the temptation of exploring some hidden treasures despite the high chances of landing upon trash most of the time.

Metal detectors are not cheap, and you must know the type of metal detector that would suit your exploration goals. It is even better to seek advice from an experienced detectorist to ensure that you make no mistake selecting the tools that work as expected.

Two of the Best Metal Detectors to Count on During Expeditions

Here are some metal detectors that you can rely upon during your expeditions, searching for treasures that inspire you to travel to faraway places.

  • Garett – Ace 250 – The Best Metal Detector

Garett - Ace 250

The Garett-Ace 250 is an obvious choice to claim the top spot among metal detectors as it comes off in flying colors on four out of the five tests conducted to judge the quality and performance of the tool. The tool can adjust itself to the mineral content in the soil by using the feature of ground-balancing. The features enhance the chances of finding hidden treasures like coins, metallic artifacts, and relics many more times by precisely identifying the spot where it is available. The tool can even detect items underwater and sand.

The ergonomics of the solidly built sturdy detector make it most comfortable to use as the holding arrangement of straps and handles for a secure feel. The tool has the standard sensitivity and discrimination features and an LCD and headphones, and the pinpointing feature helps categorize the tool as a pinpointer metal detector. The high price of the tools is perhaps the only downside.

  • Nokta Makro Simplex+

Nokta Makro Simplex+

This Simplex metal detector launched at the end of 2019 is available at an entry-level price and is a popular choice among hobbyists on the treasure hunt. It is impressive how the company packs so many features at an affordable price, which is why it is popular. The detector is available with and without wireless headphones, giving users more options to try the powerful yet straightforward metal detecting tool.

The molded rubber handgrip ensures perfect gripping despite being slightly large in diameter. But the sleek design of the tool, which weighs only 2.9 lbs, puts it in the same bracket as that of the Minelab Equinox and Garett Ace detectors. The straight shaft, lightweight and comfortable grip, and fine-tuned balance make the Simplex+ a fantastic tool.

The well-constructed double D coil comes with a coil guard, and it is easy to understand which way to connect the coil cable. The tool has a proprietary Simplex internal battery that requires a special cable for charging.

The telescopic design and the fully waterproof feature leave no doubt that Simplex+ is the best metal detector that is easy on the pockets too.

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