Choose The Best Solar Battery Chargers from Thunderbolt, Eco Worthy, & Coleman

 To charge a 12v battery like those in automobiles in the most eco-friendly manner, you must use a solar battery charger instead of the traditional battery chargers that use fossil energy. Charging car batteries using a solar panel charger ensures an efficient and eco-friendly battery charging process. The solar cells or the photovoltaic cells of the panel use solar energy to generate electricity in direct current (DC), which helps charge car batteries. A 12v solar battery charger has solar panels on the face, and you must place the charger near a window or on the dashboard to allow direct exposure of the panels to sunlight during the day. The charge accumulated during the day is useful for charging the battery at night, although you can even charge the battery at any time of the day.

Three Best Solar Battery Chargers

On reading this review about a few brands of solar battery chargers, it should be easy for you to choose.

1. Thunderbolt solar 1.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger

Thunderbolt solar 1.5-watt solar battery charger

Fans of any harbor freight solar battery charger would find the Thunderbolt solar 1.5-watt charger excellent for charging their cars’ batteries. The charger’s design allows easy mounting on the dashboard or windshield, and you can smartly plug it into the 12-volt cigarette lighter port of your car. The charger can compensate for small battery drains that occur steadily from the vehicle’s alarm system or clock. The 24V DC charger weighs only 10.42 lbs and performs excellently in sunlight and partial shade, and comes with battery terminal clamps and an adapter for a cigarette lighter. The charger is 13.75 inches long, 4.75 inches wide, and the height is only ½ inch.

2. Eco Worthy L02EP5BB18V- 1 Solar Trickle Charger

Eco Worthy L02EP5BB18V- 1 solar Trickle charger

The Eco Worthy solar trickle charger can be the RV solar battery charger you might be looking for. You can use it to charge the batteries of other vehicles and boats, tractors, motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc. The energy-saving, the eco-friendly charger can charge 12v batteries efficiently and has many other applications. The unique feature of the built-in blocking diode of the charger prevents reverse discharge that can suddenly drain out the battery. The feature helps in extended battery usage while increasing its life by preventing the chances of short circuits. The battery kit includes a cigarette lighter adapter and a pair of battery clips.

3. Coleman 6 Watt Solar Battery Trickle Charger

Coleman 6 watt solar battery Trickle charger

The Coleman Stainless steel solar battery charger is a 6 watts weatherproof Trickle charger for a 12v battery. The charger dimension is 18x 1.5×14.5 inches (LWH), and it provides a maximum output of 400 mAh at 6W. The specified temperature range is -40 and 176 degrees Fahrenheit. There are four pre-cut holes in the charger for quick installation. The charger has a built-in blocking diode to protect automatic battery discharge at night. The solar battery charger comes with a 12V DC plug and battery clamps. The charger does not require a voltage regulator to prevent it from overcharging. You can use the charger indoors and outdoor.

The charger is ideal for battery charging because it charges in all daylight conditions.

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