The Three Best Track Ball Mouse Available for Less than $100 In 2022

Trackball mouse are known for their precision and comfort. They are ergonomically better than a traditional mouse. When using the mouse all day, moving and scrolling tend to cause plenty of fatigue. The trackball ensures that one does not have to move the arm. The thumb or finger will help move the cursor to the desired position.

The track ball mouse does not have the same market saturation that a normal mouse has achieved, but they still have a devoted fanbase.

Top 3 Track Ball Mouse to Purchase in 2022

Here is the 3 top pick that will help you move to a trackball lifestyle.

  • Logitech MX Ergo

Logitech MX Ergo

The Logitech is the best all-around wireless trackball mouse that has dominated the market, and its recent updated model, MX Ergo, is a winner. The new model combines the classic form factor with modern comforts. The gadget includes everything one needs in a standard mouse plus the wireless Bluetooth connection that allows the mouse to be used simultaneously with multiple PCS or mobile devices. The best trackball mouse can be put up at a vertical angle with its tilting stand helps reduce the stress caused by repetitive actions in long work sessions.

The precision buttons allow one to shift to short guided movements quickly. The only minor drawback is its design, which does not accommodate left-handed users, and the heavily integrated battery does not travel nicely.

  • Kensington Expert Wireless

Kensington Expert Wireless

The Kensington is the best finger-focused track ball mouse with more features and comes cheaper. If you prefer balls on the larger side, this is the model. The scroll wheel is intuitive around the main ball and does not require the user to reach the top of the ball to go up or down a page.

Four programmable finger buttons offer more choice and flexibility to the user. It comes with a free wrist rest which is beneficial if switching over from a normal mouse to a trackball.

  • Logitech M570

Logitech M570

The Logitech M570 has been the only trackball offering from Logitech so far till the MX premium line came up. This budget alternative does not have any fancy programmable buttons or double mode wireless features. The AA battery can run for a year of consistent use. The M570 is a favorite among seasoned trackball users because of its long battery, lightweight, and excellent design.

There are two models available in the Logitech trackball mouse, the old Logitech and the new “Logi” model, though both functions are identical. The wireless trackball mouse is designed ergonomically with the design that represents the right-hand shape. The mouse is compatible with Microsoft and Apple Mac.


If you have never used a trackball mouse before, you will be curious to know why trackball mouse has fans that love them. Here one does not have to move the entire arm and hand to make the movement, and only a flick of the finger will do the work.   Many users prefer the trackball mouse because of its tight degree of control over cursor movement, that are useful for gaming or graphic designing.

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