Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Mouse Offers Flexibility & Supports Creativity for Gamers

The ergonomically designed razer basilisk mouse is well-known to gaming enthusiasts who take special interest in a versatile mouse like the razer basilisk X Hyperspeed mouse. The razer basilisk wireless mouse can serve many purposes other than gaming, and it looks like the expensive Razer Basilisx Ultimate despite costing less. The company had to make a few changes to the features and functions to keep the price low. For example, the mouse runs on a single AA battery, does not have RGB lighting, and there is no provision for USB charging. The absence of a plug means that you cannot use it with a wire which adds more weight to its wireless feature. In that sense, it is truly a wireless gaming mouse with loads of versatility. The best part is that the mouse is 25% faster than any other mouse in the category.

Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Mouse

Powered by the all-new Razer Hyperspeed wireless technology, the razer basilisk mouse has extremely low latency and gives a taste of true wireless freedom due to its interference reduction. The mouse has six programmable buttons that allow for reconfiguration and assignment of various complex macro functions with help from Razer Synapse3.

The ultra-fast Razer Hyperspeed wireless technology ensures low latency and seamless frequency hopping. When using the mouse in noisy environments, you will hardly feel like using a wireless gaming mouse. Take advantage of the dual technology and use Bluetooth frequently to make the battery last longer.


The razer basilisk wireless mouse uses a Razer 5G advanced optical sensor with 16,000 DPI that ensures perfect tracking of even the finest movement of the mouse. The level of ultra-precision of the mouse enables you to get the better of your rivals with highly evasive maneuvers and game-winning headshots.

Battery life

The battery lasts much longer than you would expect because you can tap the ultra-fast wireless performance for as long as 285 hours. You can extend the battery life of the gaming mouse up to 450 hours by using Bluetooth connectivity.


The design of the mouse ensures precise mouse clicks at a faster speed with the help of Razer Mechanical Mouse switches that are highly durable. The switches help you attain an incredible 50 million clicks that suit extensive gaming. The mouse does not have a Tilt Scroll Wheel.

Programmable buttons

You can configure the six programmable buttons of the mouse fully by using Razer Synapze3. You can use the wireless Razer Basilisk mouse for accessing macros and secondary functions with complete ease.

Onboard DPI storage

The mouse comes with a pre-set of up to 5 custom DPI stages that allow you to bring your settings anywhere to stay prepared for gaming at any place or arena.

For a lag-free gaming experience, you can depend on the medium-sized razer basilisk wireless mouse with a right-handed ergonomic shape suitable for claw or palm grip. Make the mouse your own by using the customizing features so that you are game-ready always.

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