Choose the Best Short Throw Projector Offered By Samsung, LG, Epson, & Optoma

The best short throw projector is essential to create a home theater in the simplest way, yet enjoying the visuals is the same as on a big screen. A short-throw projector is different from other home theater projectors because it can project the image from a much shorter distance that perfectly suits smaller homes. The average distance between the short throw projector and the screen is usually 6 to 10 feet, but if your room is small, then you would need an ultra-short-throw (UST) projector with a throw distance as low as 0.5 meters. Since the UST has a throw ratio of less than 0.4 and a very wide-angle lens, you can place the equipment above or under the screen.

Top Short-throw Projectors to Purchase in 2022

Many companies, from Epson to Samsung and LG to Optoma, are making excellent short-throw projectors, and here are your choices.

Samsung LSP 9T Premiere – The Best Short Throw Projector

Samsung LSP 9T Premiere

On overall rating, the Samsung LSP 9T Premiere is undoubtedly the most lovable short-throw projector that ticks the right boxes about user expectations. But to own the best projector, you must be liberal with your purse because Samsung short throw projector, though expensive, can become one of your prized possession. The manufacturer provides a 2,200-lumen bulb for ensuring good visibility of images in a brightly lit-up room o ensure a high-end home theater experience. The image size is 120-inch with 4k resolution backed by Samsung’s Tizen smart TV platform with apps for browsing and more.

Epson EpiqVision LS 300

Epson EpiqVision LS 300

The affordable model of the Epson short throw projector gives you the most that you get for the price, and you should not lament the lack of features by comparing it with some other costly projectors. The short-throw projector on a budget costs as much as a good HDTV and supports 120-inch images at 4K resolution, and the 3600 lumens brightness more than satisfies your basic viewing needs. However, it’s all through HD support only. You can use the HDR optimization features to improve clarity and contrast, and the laser achieves 100% of the RGB color base. The device is compatible with Chromecast and Android TV and comes with Yamaha 2.1 speakers.

LG Cinebeam HU715QW

LG Cinebeam HU715QW

This LG short-throw projector provides excellent support for HDR10, Dolby Atmos, and much more. The projector with a brightness of 2,500 lumens looks impressive with LG’s XPR technology and 4k resolution. Adding the feature of HDR10 support makes the projector deliver extra vibrant images that can be a reason for envy for your friends. As the system uses LG’s proprietary ThinQ smart tech, the equipment accepts voice commands too. The device also supports screen sharing via MiraCast, AirPlay2, and more.

Optoma CinemaX P2

Optoma CinemaX P2

The Optoma CinemaX P2 is an all-rounder among any Optoma short throw projector, and being a UST is an expensive device that is not for everyone. The home screen menu, app buttons, and input source resemble any smart TV. Although the projector has a customized Android version, you cannot access Google Play Store. The app selections are limited to BBC news, Netflix, and a browser. But you can use the HDMI slot for streaming Roku stick or Fire TV.

Any of the above can be the best short throw projector for you.

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