Noveto N1 – the Invisible Speakers That Will Change the Ways of Private Listening

Whether Sci-fi draws inspiration from life or the other way round is debatable. Still, the unveiling of the Noveto n1 invisible speakers at CES 2022 in Las Vegas put the debate to rest. What was an imagination of sci-fi writers is now right in front of our eyes as we witness the arrival of the truly invisible speakers. The sound played from any musical or other device enters your ears directly by using the technology of Smart Beaming, but no one else around you can hear the sound. Yes, it might be hard to believe, but true, as demonstrated by the company. The technology involves directing ultrasonic waves directly into your auditory system while others would hear nothing except a very soft whispering sound.

Noveto N1 Invisible Speakers Are The Most Imaginative Invention

The Noveto n1 smart speaker is much more than we expect from smart speakers because of the unique device-free delivery of sound into your ears. The speaker nomenclature is a misnomer for the Noveto n1 because it is not a speaker at all. It’s a technology for delivering sound to a specified user in the most intimate manner without the world knowing about it. The company’s proprietary smart sound beaming technology has 45 patents behind it. The technology is about to set a new standard in office and home communication as it would redefine the meaning of private listening, which till now depended on earphones, earbuds, and headphones. During the launch, the company confirmed that the Noveto n1 price would be $800 when made available by the end of the first quarter.

Invisible Headphones

Although many people call it Noveto n1 smart speaker, the company prefers to call the flagship product Invisible Headphones to make it easy for consumers to understand what it is all about. Undoubtedly, it is a state-of-the-art audio device with Alexa built into it that works in tandem with the Smart Beaming technology to create the most sensational audio delivery system seen till now. The N1 makes an ultrasonic sound that creates an immersive listening experience for the user without using any headphones and without disturbing others. The new kind of sensory listening experience offered by Noveto is one of its kinds that might seem surreal, but those who could test feel bewildered.

How the Technology Works?

Beaming ultrasonic sound waves silently through the air. The sound remains inaudible but converges into audible pockets adjacent to the listener’s ears. When the sound reaches the listener’s auditory system, it feels like listening with headphones on, whereas there are no headphones. Since our brain is tuned to listening to sound in private, it gives a similar feeling even listening to sound without the aid of any device fixed to our ears.

The Noveto n1 creates a natural and intuitive way for listening to music that follows users wherever they go.

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