Asus and MSI: Motherboards That Provide the Best Gaming Experience in 2022

The configuration of your PC largely depends on the motherboard, and herein is the importance of motherboards. You might compare the motherboard to the human skeleton that gives form and structure to your PC. Without the motherboard, your PC would be nothing more than a toy. The motherboard provides the foundation for building a PC and customization, and it helps determine which parts to buy. Knowing about the components compatible with the motherboard will help you understand your PC’s various options of configuration that can provide the best gaming experience. But make sure that you get the best motherboards for gaming when building a gaming PC.

The Importance of Motherboards

Motherboards are the hearts of PCs because these provide the foundation for building PC capabilities. Motherboards are complex instruments with multiple dedicated controllers for different interfaces and components like PCle, SATA, etc. How powerful a gaming PC can depend on various components but primarily on the motherboard that holds the components and configures the electric circuitry.

Motherboards are the primary building block of PCs that create the PC body, with the CPU acting like the brain. Here are some of the best motherboards.

The Technology behind ROG Motherboards

Asus has been a leader in Motherboards for decades, a position that it still maintains. Asus motherboards break all limits and have stayed tuned with the times, as evident from its readiness to support Windows11. ROG or Republic of Gamers Motherboards has become synonymous with Asus, which made hardcore overlocking more accessible as the company stayed at the forefront while bringing advanced tuning to all. The 5-way optimization software in the ROG motherboards allows clever tweaking with a single click. The AI-driven overlocking system allows automatic speed settings based on cooling quality and silicon to optimize performance over time.

 Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming Motherboard

The Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming motherboard, commonly referred to as B450 motherboards, ranks at the top of the AMD Asus list. It has excellent features, including multiple ports, NVMe storage support, fast RAM, and a pre-installed I/O shield with a more affordable AMD chipset. The B450 does not allow SLI or Scalable Link Interface and can only handle 2667 MHz RAM. The features are more gaming-oriented and support both SLI multi-GPU and Crossfire configurations.

MSI Motherboards

Among several motherboard makers like ASRock, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, and many others, MI is closest to Asus. Shortlisting the two brands will make choosing a powerful, versatile, and high-performing motherboard easy for gamers. The company claims to be the world leader in motherboard design and produces the MEG, MPG, MAG, and PRO series motherboards highly popular among gamers. The MEG series motherboards will push gamers to the limits to help them become masters of the game. The MPG series is just fine for a more stylish, colorful, and expressive gaming experience.

The MAG Motherboards series embody durability and sturdiness, while the PRO series enhances productivity.

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