Amazon’s EERO Pro 6 Wi-Fi Mesh Router Comes with Customized Wireless Coverage

To overcome the impediments of speed and connectivity, home and office Wi-Fi users can now buy the EERO Pro 6, Amazon’s latest mesh Wi-Fi system that uses Wi-Fi6 technology. The home automation hub capabilities’ added feature by utilizing Zigbee radio enhances the device’s performance. Amazon EERO Pro 6 promises gigabit speed across the home by ensuring good coverage and will not let you down. However, the system comprising three units is relatively more expensive than the standard EERO 6 because it’s an AX4200 system, an upgrade from the earlier AX1800 used for EERO 6. Each node delivers the promised speed, but for extended wireless coverage, you must use more nodes. For example, you get a wireless range of 6,000 square feet by using three nodes. A set of three nodes will cost you $599.

EERO Pro 6 – Spread Strong Wireless Coverage Across the Home

The Amazon EERO Pro 6 has the typical features of mesh routers as it uses multiple devices to expand the wireless coverage without compromising the signal strength and speed throughout the home. You have to connect the main router to your modem as done for any ordinary router and then hook up the identical-looking satellite devices placed at different places of the home where you need boosted connectivity. As a result, you create a robust Wi-Fi network across the house with fewer or no dead zones.

The key Pro Feature

The Pro 6 EERO mesh Wi-Fi system draws its strength from the key pro features, including the triband design. The specialty of the design is that it gives the mesh an additional 5GHz band for exclusively dedicated system transmissions. It frees up the first band of 5GHz for regular traffic, significantly impacting network performance. As a result, the system can make the most of Wi-Fi 6. You should use the router with two extenders for the best results, although a single unit will cost much less, only $229. But then, you get what you pay for. But compared to similar mesh routers that support Wi-Fi 6, the EERO Wi-Fi system pro 6 will cost you much less but delivers excellent value for the pack.

Design and Features

The stylish nodes of the EERO Wi-Fi system are pretty big and measure 5.3 x5.3 x2.1 inches (WDH) and weigh 676 grams. It is much bigger and heavier than the earlier models but provides wireless coverage of approximately 2,000 square feet. The complete system consists of one main router and two supporting mesh nodes. Amazon sells individual units, and if you need lesser coverage, you can settle for a single unit without compromising speed.

Each node has one power port and two auto-sensing Gigabit LAN ports but does not have multi-gig capabilities and even lacks USB connectivity. Powered by a 1.4 GHz quad-core CPU under the hood with 4GB of flash memory, 1024 MB of RAM, and a Bluetooth radio, the EERO Pro 6 is a versatile device that allows you to connect to various smart devices at your home like lights, switches, cameras, and thermostats.

A single LED in each unit displays its status – white, indicating all OK.

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