Lamb movie – An Outrageous Icelandic Story About Family, Parenthood, & Nature

The Lamb movie is the debut feature film of Icelandic film director Vladimir Johannsson who creates the incredible horror-comedy revolving around loneliness. Noomi Rapace, who plays the female lead, is also the film’s co-producer. The screenplay is co-written by Johannsson and Sjon, aka Sigurjon Birgir Sigurdsson, the film’s lyricist. The Lamb movie cast is an ensemble of humans, animals, and various prosthetic and digital creatures.

The lamb release date was September 24, 2021, in Iceland, followed by subsequent releases in the UK and the US during December 2021. It was a pre-Christmas release in the UK on December 10 and New Year’s eve release in the US on December 31.

Lamb Movie – The Backdrop

Noomi Rapace teams up with Hilmir Snaer Guonason to play the role of an unhappy couple, Maria and Ingvar, who live on a remote farm in Iceland, and the landscape appears to be frozen in time. The film revolves around family, parenthood, and nature; the farmer couple is visibly unhappy as they rarely speak or smile. The hardworking couple display stern looks as they go through the daily chores like plowing the land, tending to their livestock of horses, ewes, and lambs, and harvesting their crop with the same dedication but bereft of joy. As the film progresses, it becomes clear that the couple has lost their only child. The sense of loss touches the audience. They can feel the sadness spreading through the icy atmosphere that drills holes into the tranquil scenery of icy skies, quietly sharp colors, and intimidating soundscapes.

The Story Unfolds

Here is the lamb movie plot.

The film based on Icelandic folklore is influenced by the director’s childhood experiences on his grandparents’ farm. The monotonous life of the grieving couple meets with a rude shock when one day they encounter a strange phenomenon of spirit- visitation in the barn that scares the animals. Later, Maria and Ingvar discover that a pregnant sheep has given birth to a bizarre species, an animal-human hybrid. Despite the grief of their only daughter’s death haunting Maria, she develops a passionate attachment to the newly born species and names it Ada, after her daughter, who passed away.

Maria started parenting Ada in the way she had imagined for her daughter. As the sweet wooly thing keeps growing, Maria dresses the hybrid species in the clothes bought in advance for her lost child. Such strange behavior of the couple, especially Maria’s intense attachment to the hybrid species, resulted in the family becoming an Unholy Family in the rural society, and the situation turns more macabre. The unusually calm and natural behavior of the couple adds to the complexities of the plot that thickens with the arrival of Peter, Ingvar’s dodgy brother and a failed pop star who wants a place to stay and chooses to stay along with the couple.

The Lamb movie is a slow-paced film with minimal dialogues. It heavily depends on the actors’ marvelous location and intense performance to depict an unusual story in the most trusted manner.

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