The Best Car Phone Mount of 2022 – Safe & Secure But Also Legal


No matter what type of handset one uses, a car phone mount provides plenty of benefits. They are invaluable to those who have the latest and premium smartphones. New models cost a small fortune; one needs to keep them safe and secure when traveling. Car phone holders are designed to fit on any vents or vantage points in a car, while the best place is to attach them to the dashboard or windshield.

Car phone mounts have been around for many years now, but now they are evolving to fulfill users’ needs, which are constantly changing. The best car phone mount allows the use of the phone in a hands-free mode, keeping one’s driving legal while also providing other practical features.

Best Carphone Mount to Buy in 2022

Take a look at some of the best car phone mounts that can accommodate smartphones of all shapes, sizes, and brands.

  • Kenu Airframe Pro

Kenu Car Phone Holder

The Kenu Airframe Pro is great for those looking for vent mounts. This model follows the traditional car phone mount design of “less is more.” This model also can cope with holding phones of larger size, considering that many models have beefy designs. It can also comfortably hold the largest iPhone model, making it a compatible iPhone car mount. There are other variations in the model, too and if someone has a smaller phone, then buying options on that front exist too.

The vent design allows the car mount to fix the mobiles in various positions and angles depending on whether the dashboard has a vertical, horizontal, or angled design. The phone can be held firmly in the spring-loaded holder jaws and does not make one feel that the phone may crack under the vice-like grip.

  • Yosh Car Phone Holder – The Magnetic Phone Mount

Yosh Car Phone Holder – the magnetic phone mount

The Yosh car phone holder is a simple smartphone holder that can securely hold smartphones and tablets. The device model is vent mounted and is made of black plastic that leaves the windshield obstruction-free. The magnetic phone mount has neodymium magnets that allow one to hold the handsets in any position that is convenient to the user. One minor downside is that one has to stick a metal plate on the phone’s backside so that the magnetic attraction takes place. Thanks to the magnetic effect, the solid grip ensures that the handsets stay in place.

  • Vicseed Car Cup Phone Holder

Vicseed Car Cup Phone Holder

This is one of the best car phone mounts for those who prefer cup holder mounts. Vicseed is a well-known accessories manufacturer. It has ensured that the car mount has an ingenious design backed by a quality build. The advantage of having a cup holder bin is to ensure that the handset is kept stable and safe in the cup bin. It also allows the phone to move 360 degrees in portrait or landscape orientation. The holder can accommodate all types of handsets, including the latest iPhone models and the Samsung Galaxy lineup.


Car phone mounts come in various designs and features with the flexibility to position and move the phone. While they have a firm and secure grip, there is also have a quick-release mechanism that allows instant access when one wants the handset in hand.

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