Best Keyboards of 2022: The Top Typing Ergonomic Keyboard that Is Kind to Your Wrist

Protecting one’s wrists and shoulders is the main concern when it is constantly pounding on the keyboard. Getting an ergonomic keyboard that helps one avoid repetitive strains and prioritize comfort and well-being.

There are several comfortable keyboards out there, but the ergonomic ones take the comfort to a new level. They are shaped to allow one’s hands and wrists to rest in the most natural positions. This helps to prevent long-term fatigue and chronic injuries.

Ergonomic keyboards are domed right in the center or have a split design that allows both keyboard pieces to stand like a tent.

Top 3 Ergonomic Keyboards to Protect Your Wrist

Let us look at the top three ergonomic keyboards that your fingers, wrists, and shoulders will love.

  • Logitech ERGO K860

Logitech ERGO K860

The best keyboard is ergonomically designed for maximum support. The Logitech ergonomic keyboard has a wireless interface with an impressive range of 33 feet and a pillowed wrist rest. The keyboards have the perfect keystrokes that are comfortable for prolonged use, and it has four different options for connectivity and 12 programmable keys.

The split domed keyboard feature allows ultimate comfort with a wrist rest made of double foam that provides maximum support. The Logitech ERFO K860 ergonomic keyboard is not the cheapest as it comes with rich features. Because it offers exceptional value for money, and putting a price on one health is just not done. The main drawback with this keyboard is that it has no backlighting.

  • Microsoft Sculpt

Microsoft Sculpt

For Windows users, Sculpt is the best ergonomic keyboard. Microsoft has a reputation for making excellent peripherals, and they include the best ergonomic keyboard, Sculpt, which has stood up for many years. It is more impressive that this model is still the favorite despite many years.

The Microsoft ergonomic keyboard boasts wireless connectivity and a palm rest that is comfortable thanks to the cushion. A form factor prevents ulnar compression by rotating the wrists, and there is a separate numeric pad when one only wants to work on numbers. This keyboard is affordable, has solid built, and includes batteries. The only drawback is the small size of F-keys.

  • Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keypad

Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keypad

This Apple ergonomic keyboard is the best for office use on Mac. This wireless keyboard is tried and tested keyboard that is best for a Mac setup. The latest release of the magic keyboard is available in a compact and full-size variant. This apple keyboard is compatible with M1 Mac computers with its touch ID button helps unlock the PC. The low-profile switches make the typing great and comfortable as they are relatively light to press.

Unfortunately, the keyboard does not have backlighting which is highly disappointing and unexpected for a high-end Apple product and, therefore, not ideal to use in a dim environment. The blue tooth support allows connecting with only one device at a time.


Switching to an ergonomic keyboard from the conventional ones is quite a giant leap. However, once you taste this habit, it becomes difficult to go back to any other keyboard type.

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