A Review of the 2022 Apple Ipad Air

One of our favorite products is the new iPad Air. This device is an incredible improvement over its predecessor, the iPad Air 4. Apple’s new version does not present any revolutionary changes, as its basic function and form remain the same. Moreover, it’s not a huge change for everyday users. Although this fifth iteration of the iPad Air features an upgraded M1 chip, the improvement is certainly notable.

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With M1, the iPad Air 2022 almost meets the same performance standards as the iPad Pro. The Air doesn’t replace the Pro entirely, but the difference in power is much smaller. For budget-conscious shoppers who still want the best iPad for their money, this new iPad Air’s relatively affordable $599 starting price makes it more appealing than the iPad Pro. Take a look at why we think the iPad Air 5 is one of the best tablets of all time and why it’s currently the best tablet in the world.

According to Apple, the iPad Air 5 (2022) will launch in the United States on March 18 for $599 for the 64GB configuration; it will be available in blue, pink, purple, starlight, and space gray.


  • Stylish and thin design
  • Colorful, sharp display
  • Performance powered by the M1
  • Longer battery life


The cost of peripherals is high.

Design and Display

ipad air display

With dimensions of 9.7 x 7 x 0.24 inches and a weight of 1.02 pounds, the new iPad Air is the same size as the previous model and the 11-inch iPad Pro. A 10.9-inch screen and USB-C port allow the device to be charged and used with peripherals.

As we loved Apple’s iPad Air 4 design, we’re glad Apple didn’t change it for the iPad Air 5. By being lightweight and extremely portable, the tablet lives by its “Air” moniker. The Magic Keyboard is not noticeably heavier than other keyboards despite its weight.

Despite the lack of a headphone jack, since most devices are ditching the port, we can complain about it in the age of wireless solutions. Additionally, the single USB-C port isn’t an issue with this tablet. A dongle could be used if you want to connect the system to many other devices.

It was impressive how the older model’s screen offered sharp picture quality for such a small screen size. There was only one minor concern: the screen could have been brighter. With these factors in mind, we are very interested in seeing how the iPad Air’s display compares with the older model. Despite this, the new iPad Air is brighter than its predecessor, which had a maximum brightness rating of 440 nits—a display with a Liquid Retina of 10.9 inches. Visual details are easy to see on the screen because it is vibrant.

Audio and Camera

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Despite its small size, a medium-sized room can be filled with sound from the iPad Air 5’s large speakers. Despite the lack of bass and thin sound quality, it was still easy to hear every sound. The sounds of movies and TV shows are good.

You should be able to get good quality photos from the new iPad Air. This year’s Air includes a 12MP front camera, an upgrade of 5MP over the 2020 model. You can also take good pictures with the 12MP rear-facing camera. The new iPad Air is equipped with an ultrawide front-facing camera and an M1 chip, allowing it to support Apple’s Center Stage feature, which is currently only available on Apple hardware such as the iPad Pros, iPad mini, and iPad 2021, in addition to the new Apple Studio Display with its A13 Bionic chip. Center Stage keeps you centered when you move from the front to back to make video calls, even if you move from side to side.

Battery Life and Touch Id Security

ipad air battery life

The battery lasts for 10 hours. After about five hours of testing the iPad Air’s battery, it reaches 50 percent of its capacity. On our test, the new iPad Air lasted 10 hours and 9 minutes when browsing over Wi-Fi at 150 nits of screen brightness. The Apple battery life of 10 hours is excellent, and you can expect it to last for longer than that.

It is similar to the iPad Air 2020 in that it does not have Face ID support. Touch ID is still supported via a fingerprint reader integrated into the power button with the new iPad Air, and touch ID works well with Passwords and Apple Pay.

Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard

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The Apple Pencil 2 and Magic Keyboard are fantastic optional accessories that make your iPad Air even more useful. You can transform the iPad Air into a mini laptop using the Magic Keyboard. You can take notes and draw with the Apple Pencil 2, and the pencil is thick and comfortable to hold and use.


We own and frequently use the iPad (2019). Although that tablet is wonderful, we now use the iPad Air 5 for our daily computing needs. It combines portability and power like no other tablet. Its starting price of $599 makes it affordable for many people, and it is ideal for consuming and creating content. This latest iPad Air is almost perfect in every way. The sleek, powerful slate is hard to put down even though some improvements are still to be made.

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A Review of the 2022 Apple Ipad AirOne of our favorite products is the new iPad Air. This device is an incredible improvement over its predecessor, the iPad Air 4. Apple's new version does not present any revolutionary changes, as its basic function and form remain the same. Moreover, it's not...