Digital Storm Aventum X – An Detailed Overview of the Great Gaming PC

Digital Storm has successfully entered the gaming PC market with a series of innovative computers and peripherals that provide enthusiasts and professionals with what they need to enjoy competitive gaming. Digital Storm gaming pc offers up a large selection for any person looking to purchase their brand. And when it comes to gaming PCs, they offer more than enough variety to satisfy even the most advanced gamer’s needs. With over a decade of experience in building the most advanced custom gaming computers, every gaming pc of Digital Storm is hand-built by experienced and skilled technicians. They introduced Aventum X in 2018, and this is not for the faint-hearted as this PC is loaded with the best accessories. We can call Aventum X Lamborghini a gaming PC because of its agile performance and features.


The Digital Storm Aventum X has an angular design with high, slanted fins. There are also three LED lights along the front of the case that help in low-light environments. Aventum X is almost 28.5-inch tall by 25.8-inch long by 10.5-inch deep, making it larger than full-sized desktops; still, Aventum X gives a more modern feel, despite its box-shaped body. Moreover, an innovative and luxurious design that includes a glass illuminated company logo on its aluminum base and also comes with an LED lighting system. Digital Storm offers an online configuration tool that offers us to customize the outer finish and interior components. Liquid cooling is the most eye-catching feature of this PC; the Digital Storm gaming pc provides a Hydrolux cooling system which does a marvelous job keeping this PC cool.


The Digital Storm Aventum X comes in 4 different series, and these four different series are Intel Core Series, AMD Ryzen series, Intel Core X-series, and AMD Threadripper PRO series. All these series are equally optimized to deliver the best performance. Almost all Digital Storm Aventum X is the same processor of almost 16 Core processors to 32 Core processors; almost all Aventum X is equipped with a single Nvidia GTX 600 series graphics card, which really shouldn’t be too surprising. With up to 1GB of video memory and integrated Memory Accessibility features, and near-zero latency, which provide a nice frame rate and experience while gaming. Then Digital Storm Aventum x other series is engineered for those who demand the best. It’s full of cutting-edge parts such as 3 DPS G technology, the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, Intel Quad-Core i7-7320, and a 1070 GB SSD 32 GB RAM, among other features including Creative X-Fi audio technologies, dual cooling options, quad radiator fans, and superior liquid cooling.


The Digital Storm Aventum X price starts from $3,059 to $5,600, with a processor boosting the system to over 4GHz. This is also upgradeable to an 8-core processor up to 4.5GHz. With an Intel GTX, 1080 GPU, and easy upgradability to at least a GTX 1080 Ti, the Digital Storm gaming pc always delivers exceptional build quality and more power. Digital Storms provide a limited three-year warranty; this only covers the labor costs for three years, while all the parts only come with a one-year limited warranty.

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