A Review on the Perfect Fitness Tracker – Fitbit Luxe

In this day and age, most of us have to wear bracelets or wearables with fitness tracking integrated somehow. The best are the ones made by Fitbit and are perfect for those who want to track every step they take and even know how many calories they burn each day.

Fitbit Luxe Fitness Tracker

A wrist-worn fitness tracker tells the time and tracks fitness stats like steps taken and calories burned in a day. The Fitbit Luxe is simple to use, with an interface that makes tracking your activity and wellbeing as simple as possible. The Luxe can detect some exercise types and begin monitoring them automatically through SmartTrack, which is particularly useful for picking up incidental exercises that you might not think to track manually. Additionally, it will monitor how well someone sleeps for five days with sleep insights which will help them improve it if needed.

Fitbit Luxe – Specifications

The Fitbit Luxe is a new health and fitness tracker by Fitbit. Unlike other models, it comes in a horizontal or vertical design. Like other Fitbits, the Luxe monitors your activity levels, sleep metrics, and overall heart rate. The watch also features interchangeable straps for when you’re not looking to switch up your style. Because of Luxe’s modest size, its screen is as small. This is a 0.76-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 124 x 206. It’s encircled by a thick bezel, which most likely conceals all of Luxe’s sensors. However, this makes things like your exercise metrics difficult to read. Fitbit claims the Luxe can last up to five days, and I was able to test it for a full week before it died. That’s with many workout sessions every other day. The screen is clear, bright, and vivid. You can also buy Fitbit Luxe bands colored in titanium or rose gold. With just a touch screen, the Fitbit is easy to use. The Fitbit Luxe comes with superior features like a heart rate sensor, oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitoring, sleep tracking, water resistance, and basic syncing with your phone.

Fitbit Luxe Release Date and Price

The Fitbit Luxe was announced in April 2021 and is due to start shipping on July 1, 2021. The Fitbit Luxe standard edition costs $149.95 or Rs.10890 /- plus tax, and the Premium edition with a silicone band and $199.95 or Rs.15250/- plus tax. The Luxe also comes with a free one-year trial of Fitbit Premium, which you can activate when you’ve paired the device with your phone. The standard Luxe edition comes with color-matched silicone bands. Still, there are already several appealing first-party and third-party bands to accessorize with, including a platinum stainless steel mesh band, a premium Horween leather double wrap, and platinum and soft gold Parker Link bracelet bands from Laguna Beach-based jewelry. The Fitbit Luxe isn’t the greatest fitness tracker on the market, and it’s not even Fitbit’s best fitness tracker. However, it is a wonderfully designed gadget that delivers most of what most people want in a fitness tracker while also looking nicer than any comparable wearable.

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