DJI Ronin 4D – Matchless Camera System Introducing a New Genre of Cinema Cameras

Keeping the camera steady is the most challenging task for cinematographers who heavily depended on Steadicams and very expensive Dollys that had many moving parts but helped keep the camera steady. Camera stabilizer mounts are must-have accessories that have been in use since their invention by Garett Brown and subsequent introduction n 1975. The purpose of the camera stabilizer is to isolate the camera from the operator’s movements to enable a smooth shot by overcoming all movements when operating the camera. Technological advancements led to the invention of the Gimbal like the DJI Ronin that substituted the mechanically driven Steadicams and Dollys with a more user-friendly digital camera accessory. The Gimbals are sophisticated tools that use motors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven sensors to detect precise motion between unwanted camera shakes and the videographer’s intentional movements.

More about DJI Ronin

Ronin is the basic model of the camera stabilization tool or Gimbal developed by the Chinese company DJI developed especially for professional filmmakers. Although Gimbal systems are not exactly the replacement of the Steadicams, the advent of Ronin has been a great leap forward in-camera stabilization as it offers greater versatility due to its wide-ranging support vests and systems. Ronin is a 3-axis Gimbal that became immensely popular among videographers and cinematographers due to its user-friendliness and superior performance. Inspired by the success of Ronin, DJI moved ahead and announced its flagship cinema camera and named it Ronin 4D, which was launched in October 2021.

DJI Ronin 4D – Specifications and Price

The company that became famous for making camera accessories is now making cinema cameras. The Ronin 4D is not only a DJI camera but also one of its kind as it creates a new sub-genre of cameras because it is the first professional camera system complete with an integrated Gimbal stabilization system. Moreover, the system has a 4-axis instead of the usual 3-axis systems commonly used across the industry. As a result, the camera produces much smoother footage not seen earlier and with much less effort.

The camera can shoot videos in 6k and 8k resolutions using a full-frame sensor. The camera comes with a 4-axis Gimbal system for camera stabilization; Apple ProRes can deliver image output to external monitors located as far as 6 kilometers away and many other features.

Ronin 4d price is $6,799 and $11 499 for the 6K and 8K varieties.

First impressions

The camera design is highly user-friendly and practical, as evident from its solid construction and the design of the buttons that are convenient to use even when wearing gloves while shooting in colder climates. The camera has a large LCD monitor, which is very bright with accurate colors. Besides it, there are large buttons, and a large control wheel on one side allows easy physical settings. A separate button is provided for peaking on and off.

Holding the camera by the side handles allows better focus control and directional control. The DJI Ronin 4D has a unique LIDAR focus system that makes manual focus easy.

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