5 Best Android Cleaners To Optimize Your Phone 2022

You need the best Android cleaner apps for your smartphone no matter how extreme your digital neat freak tendencies are. You can optimize your Android phone’s performance with a cleaner app even if your phone is tidily organized.

You are basically limited by the number of contacts and SMS messages that you can store on your Android device. As the photos, games, ringtones, and apps piled up, smartphone storage became full, causing issues like screen freezing, unusual hangovers, and being stuck. So, cleaning up Junk files, Temporary files, and cache files is crucial. To complete these steps, you will need a software app that will clean and optimize your Android phone.

Don’t know where to find the best clean-up apps for Android? Here’s what you need to know.

You can use dozens of Android apps to make your phone do more, from speeding up your phone to cleaning up junk files.

Android Cleaners To Optimize Your Phone

What Are The Top Android Cleaner Apps At The Moment?

Here’s a list of the best Android cleaner applications that you can download now.

1. All-In-One Toolbox (Rating – 4.5)



Boost Your Android with the All-in-One Toolbox, the most versatile all-in-one app for Android. The AIO Toolbox cleans out the cache, background applications, and memory with a simple one-tap interface, following the model of many other Android cleaner apps. A CPU cooler (which kills background apps to prevent overheating) is also included. You will see a radial menu with options for quickly entering utilities from the home screen or other apps by swiping left.

An issue is the app’s organization, as tools are divided across multiple tabs and a vertical feed. However, if you want to maximize the capabilities of your Android phone, it’s definitely worth a download.

2. Norton 360: Online Privacy & Security (Rating – 4.5)

($29.99 PER YEAR)


Mobile device security becomes increasingly important as mobile computing becomes a significant part of everyday life, leisure, and productivity. One of the best Android antivirus apps available right now is Norton, a trusted name in the PC antivirus field.

Anti-malware and antivirus protection is provided by Norton Mobile Security and Antivirus. The App Advisor and Privacy Report enable you to assess the risks posed by your apps. Even while it has an impact on the system, it is a useful addition to your Android utilities.

3. Files By Google (Rating – 4.5)



Why not use an authorized source when you are cleaning your Android phone? Your photos, videos, and documents are not the only thing you can access on your phone with Google Files by Google. Additionally, it helps you find any files taking up storage space and remove them.

The app promises to liberate space on your smartphone after just a few taps. In addition to checking your phone’s own storage, it allows you to examine any microSD cards you have inserted. The Files app gives you maximum control over what gets saved and what gets trashed, so you won’t be deleting anything crucial when you’re deleting duplicate files, unused apps, and other space eaters.

4. Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus (Rating – 4)

($14.99 Per Year)


Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus, our pick for the best Android antivirus app, is another paid option for securing your mobile device from malware and other security threats. A top-notch anti-malware solution, Bitdefender Mobile’s scanning engine consistently scores well in yearly tests, and app and web protection scan new apps and visit websites for possible security issues.

Additionally, Bitdefender includes useful features like VPN, anti-theft protection, a PIN or fingerprint-controlled App Locker, and Account Privacy to discover potential threats concerning your email address. There is no freemium tier for Bitdefender, but it’s well worth the cost.

5. Droid Optimizer (Rating – 4)



Smart Phone Cleaner from Systweak offers an array of tools for cleaning and enhancing your Android device’s performance. In addition to clearing out cached files and junk files, it comes equipped with a junk cleaner and RAM booster.

Apps and APKs can be manually deleted or backed up as well as the file system can be managed using Cleaner’s app manager and file manager. In addition to the cleaner app, there is also a Battery Saver tool for eliminating power-sucking apps, and a memory booster for gamers to get more memory from background processes.


Most Android users don’t have to perform regular maintenance, but it may be helpful in some cases. There is no need to spend time cleaning out junk if your device keeps running. There is plenty of RAM and device storage on most modern Android smartphones, so you can install and save anything you want. Keeping the app cache as clean as possible shouldn’t be a hassle either.

A decent Android cleaner can help perk up your device if you notice it’s acting up. It might be necessary to clean manually next if that doesn’t work.

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